on Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Today we don’t really do anything, just hang around China town and go to the train station to sort out our train tickets.

Petronas Twin Towers

on Monday, 30 August 2010

This morning we get up early to go to the Petronas twin towers. Amazingly it is actually free to go up, but there are limited tickets and they give them out on a first come first served basis, so you have to get there early to queue up and the queue can get quite long. The cab driver first takes us to the other single tower and even though we asked for the twin towers, he tries to tell us that this single tower is called the twin towers. So we are later getting queued up for the tickets and the fare is more. We arrive and the guy wants extra money because we booked through the hotel, I say he took us totally the wrong way but  tries to tell us we said the wrong place. I almost hit the bloke. We then get inside and find out that the towers are actually closed on a Monday, so we can’t go up anyway. We might try again tomorrow.

Rest Day And A Bit Of Shopping

on Sunday, 29 August 2010

Today we get up quite late, about midday and have a look around and get our bearings. The hostel is in China town, so it is very buy, we have a look around the markets and visit a shopping mall, they have Karaoke places everywhere here. We eat at a Jamaican bar called the reggae bar and get an early night.

Leaving Phuket For Kuala Lumpur

on Saturday, 28 August 2010

This morning we did a last minute bit of shopping before getting the taxi to the airport. Waiyi was leaving at 4pm, so we got there about 2pm. She got checked in, and at the check in there was a sign saying “Attention all guests, we inform you that the Malaysian immigration has stopped giving out visa on arrival from the 15th of August, if you could previously obtain a VOA you will now have to get a visa beforehand, otherwise we can not accept you” So in the queue I thought, that’s it we are not going to get to Malaysia. We get to the check in counter and I ask and they do some checks on the computer and it turns out I am still ok and it is only some countries that have had the VOA revoked. It is time for Waiyi to go through immigration, so we say our goodbyes :(. I now have about a 6.5 hour wait till my flight, so just sit in a bar. Tom arrives not much later from his bus from Koh Pha-Ngan and we both just wait in the airport, spending several hours over a pint to get free wifi. We check in at about 9:30pm, our flight and find out the flight is delayed 1.5 hours, so have to wait even longer in the airport. We finally take off at about 11pm. The flight is just over an hour, but as we come in to land, we are almost about to land and then the plane suddenly pulls up sharply and we have to fly round for another 30mins before landing. The pilot just says “They were asked to pull up for an unknown reason”. The woman next to me doesn’t like the manoeuvre much and the turbulence and fills 3 sick bags. We finally land and get a taxi to our hotel, finally arriving at about 3am absolutely shattered.

Jet Ski And Fanta Sea

on Friday, 27 August 2010

Today after breakfast we went down onto the beach. We had a walk along, but it was just so hot we had to stop and get some sun beds and an umbrella. We spent a couple of hours on the beach, before deciding to do some jet skiing. We had twenty minutes on a big one. It was the fastest jet ski I have ever been on! We ended up falling off once, because of me and then Waiyi decided to take over and poodle around at about 10mph. We then noticed the sea was completely full of huge jelly fish, so were a bit more careful. After the beach we headed back to the hotel and relaxed before we had to leave to visit Fanta Sea. Fanta sea is huge attraction in Phuket and for the almost £45 each we had spent, hoped it would be amazing. We arrived and had our buffet lunch, which was in a huge hall, with loads of different food. We then had some time to look around the park, which was basically full of shops and theme park style games to win teddies. The shops were mainly jewellery shops and were just there so the old men could buy the young Thai holiday wives a present. We did quite well at the games and won 5 prizes. They had a little pistol range which I managed to win on with a very impressive score of 46 out of 50! They also had an air rifle range with metal pellets and the guns were not fixed down at all. There was nothing to stop someone just walking off with one. I didn’t do so well on this one, I think the sights were a bit off! Waiyi won on the basketball game, embarrassing all the guys who were failing next to her, some very impressive shooting! We then went to watch the show which started a bit boringly. It was meant to be a story, but was quite hard to follow and other than the elephant shows and the magic show, it was actually quite boring, and with cramped and uncomfortable seats was not worth it considering the price. The Chinese acrobatic shows were much more impressive for much less money! We get the minibus back and get some sleep. We are both leaving the next day. Waiyi back to HK and me to KL! It has been a great 10 days!

Some Shopping And The Expendables

on Thursday, 26 August 2010

Today we did some shopping at the local shopping centre and watched a film at the cinema, The Expendables. The film was pretty bad! We went back to the hotel and spent some time in the pool, before going out for some food at an all you can eat buffet restaurant.

Missed Boat!

on Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Today we get up and have breakfast, planning to get the ferry at 9:30am. We check out and then realise the boat was actually at 9:00am and we have missed it (Dai Be). We therefore have to wait for the next one at 2:30pm. We sit around in a bar all day having smoothies and using the internet. We finally get to the hotel, Patong resort at about 5pm. We went out for some dinner, which ended up costing 2200baht(£45).

Finally Some Sun

on Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Today we wake up to clear blue skies and it is a beautiful day, finally the first nice day we have had. We have breakfast at the hotel, before going to try and hire a longtail for the day. The previous night we had checked the prices and I had thought they said 1200baht for half a day and 1700baht for a whole day, but this is not the case and they want 2500 for the whole day. We decide 6 hours is a bit long and just go for the half day option. We go on the same route as I had done before, but the boat is able to go up to maya beach and we don’t have to swim to the rocks and climb up like last time. We do some snorkelling and take some photos, but it is just so hot. We visit monkey beach again and this time it is full of monkeys and everyone is feeding them bananas. We end up getting back a bit early, but have had enough anyway. We get back to the hotel at about 4pm and end up falling asleep till about midnight. We get up and have a quick walk to the beach and get some food, but almost as soon as we arrive on the beach everything is closing, so we go back and get some more sleep. We have quite an early start to get the boat back to Phuket at 9:30am.

Leaving Paradise

on Monday, 23 August 2010

This morning we are leaving Koh Yao for Koh Phi Phi. We are up at 7am and get packed before going down to checkout. They initially try and charge about 24,000baht when the bill is actually 15,000baht. We then have some breakfast and get the longtail to the other pier, from there we get a taxi to the main pier, Manoh pier. This works out cheaper than it did to get there, so we had been ripped off as usual. We then get a  speedboat from Manoh pier to Bangrong pier, Phuket. This costs 200baht, during the journey the weather gets really bad and the driver can only see about 5 metres in front of the boat. This doesn’t stop him flying along at about 50mph, until we almost smash straight into another island and he finally decides to slow down. He eventually finds the right route and we get to Bangrong pier about 20 minutes late. It is still raining really heavily and we have to run to get under shelter. We manage to find a taxi and go to Ratsada pier to catch the ferry to Phi Phi. We get out tickets and the boat leaves at about 1:30pm and should take 2 hours. The ferry is considerably more expensive than I had thought and that it cost from Krabi to Phi Phi. We arrive and book 2 nights at palmtree resort. I think we could have got it slightly cheaper online, but I am shattered and just want to get something booked. We dump our stuff and get a bit of lunch and have a fish spa and look round the shops and get some prices for hiring a longtail. We come back have a bit of dinner and a couple of beers and hope the weather tomorrow will be a bit better!

Another Day Doing Nothing

on Sunday, 22 August 2010

This morning we get up quite early with the plan to hire a longtail boat for the afternoon to have a look around the islands and do some scuba diving. We eat breakfast and then spend some time on the beach sunbathing and have a swim in the water, but the water is not very clear. We play some monopoly and then go for our free lunch even though I am not hungry at all. We then spend the rest of the afternoon and evening in the room watching films and playing monopoly as it is raining quite heavily. Tomorrow we have to be up early and are leaving Paradise and Koh Yao for Koh Phi Phi.

Waiyi Tries Scuba Diving

on Saturday, 21 August 2010

This morning Waiyi is doing a complimentary introduction to scuba diving at 10:50am. We get up early and watch the start of meet the fockers, before having to go down for breakfast, again I try and eat as much as possible, Waiyi even has noodles with duck which is a bit of a strange breakfast option. She claims it is her early lunch as it is not about 10:30am. We then go to the scuba centre and she gets equipped with the gear. She has to walk to the pool, but she can hardly manage to walk with all the gear on. She gets taught the basics and swims round the pool several times, she seems to be doing pretty well, but afterwards doesn’t seem to keen on going again. I ask the staff about the missing bikini and they say they will look into it. We go back to the room and get changed, before heading to the local village. We go down and try and find out how to get there as the resort is a bit isolated. They say there is a boat leaving in 15 minutes and costs 150 baht per person, per way. We are waiting to go and it starts to pour with rain, so end up giving it a miss and having a ridiculously expensive beer. Then the resort manager asks to speak to us, she says she has checked some more and asked security, but is as confused as us apparently. We don’t find out what happened to it, but they say they will knock the cost of the bikini off our bill. Waiyi says it cost 300HKD(£25), they convert it to baht and knock it of the bill and also give us a free lunch token for us. We go back and watch the rest of meet the fockers and play some Monopoly deal.

Second Day In Paradise

on Friday, 20 August 2010

This morning we get up quite late, we go down to breakfast at about 9:45am, for our first breakfast. It looks amazing, with so much choice, until I remember we are paying £12 a head for it. I therefore try and stuff as many Pain Au Chocolat and other breakfast in as physically possible. Today the weather is not so good, so we chill out in the room, get a bit of sleep and a bit of time in the Jacuzzi. Later in the evening we decide to go for a walk on the beach and the weather has cleared up quite a lot and the views are absolutely stunning. We return to the room and get changed for dinner. I have a Hawaiian pizza (keeping to the local food). Waiyi has Dom Yum Gong, which she is not too impressed with. We return to the room and strangely find Waiyi’s bikini top has disappeared.  We watch my super ex girlfriend, but I fall asleep about 30 minutes in.

On Our Way To Paradise

on Thursday, 19 August 2010

This morning we get up and have some breakfast at the Phuket airport hotel which was a very disappointing breakfast. We catch a taxi to BangRong pier, about 25 minutes away. We get to the pier and I have read the ferry should be 50 baht, instead there is what is just a longtail boat, which seems to be carrying mainly locals, some mopeds, some food and one German family. They want 120baht and there is no budging on the price, they just say they will go without us, so we have no choice but to pay. We arrive at Manoh pier and there are several jeep taxis waiting. Unfortunately the German family are going to a different hotel, on the other side of the island and they guy wants 800 baht to take us to the hotel. The hotel is the completely other end from the pier and couldn’t be further away. He says the roads are really bad and that is why it is 800 and the German family go about half the distance for 200baht. We manage to barter him down to 650baht and jump in as it is so hot. The guy speeds off at a ridiculous speed and the roads are already dreadful. They get worse and worse until we get to what is just a dirt track through the jungle, the road is just mud and has huge potholes, eventually we get to a hill and because they have had some rain that morning, the jeep can’t get up, I am sure it would have, but the guy just keeps flooring it, eventually after about three attempts, tons of black smoke pour out the back and fill the cab where we are, he has probably done some damage and decides to turn around. He takes us to another pier and arranges for a longtail to take us to the resort. We have to pay an extra 50baht, but I am sure this option should cost a lot more. The longtail is much better and we get a good view around the island, which is amazing and the views of all the rocks in the sea is unbelievable. We finally arrive at the hotels pier and get onto the beach. We are greeted at the reception and it really is like no hotel I have been to, absolutely amazing! We get checked in and are taken to our room in a golf buggy, there are quite a lot of rooms, but the hotel seems very quiet, the weather is not perfect, but at least it is not raining. The room is amazing, a lobby area and toilet, a large bedroom with a partial view of the sea, a partly outdoor shower room and a balcony with Jacuzzi. We have a bit of a rest and then go down to dinner. The view from the restaurant is unbelievable and the food is lovely. I have beef in oyster sauce, Iris has green curry, which is unbelievably spicy, even though it only has one chilli. We have some strawberry shakes and I have had some unbelievable shakes in Thailand, usually about 40baht. This is just a glass of ice with half a strawberry and costs 160baht. 4 times more expensive and 40 times less delicious, disappointed. There are a lot of mosquitoes as well. The beach is swarming with small crabs as well, they are really scared and run away as soon as you go near, but there is so many. We finish dinner and relax on the beach in a hammock for a bit, before heading back for some sleep. Hopefully tomorrow will be a nice day and we can do something, although there seems like not much to do but sit on the beach.

170 Days!

on Wednesday, 18 August 2010

It doesn't feel like it, but today is our 170th day away, it feels like only half that and time is just going way too quickly as is the money. We arrived back in Bangkok at about 10pm, the train was over 3 hours late! I just sit in a bar all day, I try and buy a new rucksack, as the strap has broken on mine and I could do with something a little bigger. I can't find anything that looks that good quality so decide to wait it out and try and cut down some clothes instead. Tom goes to the cinema with Joe and Jack, they leave at 6pm on the bus to Koh Pha-Ngan. I will leave shortly after for the airport, and the flight is at 9:20pm, arriving in Phuket at 10:40pm. The next ten days I will be on the islands chilling out and Tom will be on the opposite side partying for full moon again.

Back To Bangkok

on Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Today we just spent the morning recovering from the night before and just chilled out until we had to leave to catch our train back to Bangkok at about 3:30pm. This time we had air con which was a bit nicer, but in hindsight the train cost 770baht and the bus cost 300baht and the bus took 6 hours less. We are only spending the day in Bangkok and then I will fly down to Phuket and Tom is not going to bother with the flight and instead get a bus straight back to Koh Pha-Ngan for another full moon party, so for the next 10 days we will be apart again.

First Round Of Golf In 6 Months

on Monday, 16 August 2010

This morning we go to see the snake farm. We get a lift on the back of a pickup with some other guys, doing various things. One girl is extending her visa and one guy is doing Tiger Kingdom and the snake farm. We go to the snake farm first. We miss the first few minutes of the show, so end up watching the end of one and the start of another. They bring out various different snakes and throw them around. The funniest bit is the guy commentating, just keeps saying “Number 1 most dangerous snake in the whole of Asia” and how far the hospital is. We then go to the Tiger kingdom, where we all wait for the one guy to see the tigers and then of to the embassy for the girl. Lots of waiting around and we should have just paid for a cab really. It gets to about 5pm and we finally arrive at the golf course. It costs 250baht(£5) for 9 holes, 100baht(£2) for our caddy and 500baht(£10) to hire clubs, which we share between two, but we still have 7 caddies. We split into two groups the guys who have played in a four ball first and the guys who haven’t played behind. Thankfully I get a reasonable drive away, but a couple of the others don’t. Joe takes a huge divot out of the tee and everyone is cracking up, but the caddies don’t seem amused. I am surprised we are not kicked straight off, because it’s a really nice course. It is so much nicer playing with a caddy, like a totally different sport! The caddies clean the clubs, tee up your ball, clean the ball, mark the ball, advise you on the shot. It is absolutely great and for only £2. My caddy even has a bottle of water open and displayed like a bottle of champagne at the end of each hole. They even cheer when you hit a good shot. We played pretty dreadfully and I win, taking 50 shots after 8 holes at which point we have to stop because it is too dark. There are only two pars in the whole game. We head back to the hostel, get changed and go out for some drinks, which end up being quite a lot of drinks and a very late night. Tomorrow we will return to Bangkok and unfortunately don’t have enough time to do the downhill mountain biking we had planned to.

Tiger Kingdom

on Sunday, 15 August 2010

This morning we get up quite late, after a late night, I feel absolutely dreadful. We have planned to visit Tiger Kingdom, where you can go in the cage with the tigers. We get some breakfast with the boys and they mention there is a golf course nearby, so we decide to go and check that out instead. Today it is really hot, probably the hottest day in Thailand so far! We get to the golf course and it is a really nice course, there are about 50 quite old Thai women sitting outside in orange clothing, the caddies. We go and have a look inside and it is surprisingly not too expensive, even though it is the weekend. In the end we can’t play because some of the boys don’t have collars, so we plan to go back tomorrow, when it is only 250baht for 9 holes and 100baht for a caddie and 500baht for clubs. The caddies hold an umbrella over you! We will be like professionals, even though a couple of the guys have never played, it should be a real laugh. We have a go on the range, to get a quick bit of practice for tomorrow. We catch a tuk tuk back to the hotel and then decide to go visit the Tiger Kingdom. It is quite expensive, but we decide to see the babies and the adults. The babies are about £10 and the adults £7. We see the babies first, and they are running around playing, then we see the adults who pretty much just lie there while you take photos. People say they are drugged and I thought they would be, but they do move around and don’t seem drugged, I think maybe they are just fed lots and the heat, just makes them very docile. I end up taking a lot of photos, over 800 of the tigers! We then head back, have some dinner and get some sleep.

Arriving Chiang Mai

on Saturday, 14 August 2010

We finally arrive in Chiang Mai at about 2pm after a 16 hour train journey. We get a tuk tuk to the hostel and chill out for a bit before going and meeting some friends we had met in Beijing. We end up going out and getting a little too worse for wear, even though we are shattered from not much sleep on the train. We only have a few days here and lots to do, so we can’t afford to sleep in, in the mornings.

Leaving Bangkok

on Friday, 13 August 2010

Today we are leaving Bangkok for Chiang Mai. We have to be out of the room by 12 and end up just spending the day at the hostel restaurant on the internet and a little bit of shopping around Khao San Road. We have to leave for the train station at 9pm at which point it starts to tip it down, the last couple of days have been dreadful and I just hope it is nicer when we return down south to the islands again. We get on the train and it is absolutely roasting, we only have a fan carriage and maybe it would have been more sensible to get air con in hindsight. The beds are fairly comfortable and not the worst we have been on, so it will do for the 15 hour journey to Chiang Mai.

The Queens Birthday

on Thursday, 12 August 2010

Today we return to the museum because today is the queens birthday so it is free to get in. I am glad we didn’t pay to get in as it is not a particularly great museum. Afterwards we go over to the royal park opposite, where they are having a party, there are some children doing dances in front of a huge poster of the queen. It doesn’t seem like the party has really started. They are setting up a huge firework display, we might try and go back later to see the show. After we go to the MBK shopping centre, to look at buying some new clothes and I need some new shoes after losing one over the past week at some point. While there we decide to watch Toy Story 3 in 3D. We have some Japanese food and call it a night, after all the late nights over the past 2 weeks, without going back for the fireworks.

By Ourselves Again

on Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Today the guys leave early morning, we get up to see them off and then have a little bit more sleep before getting breakfast and finding a new cheaper hostel for the rest of the stay in Bangkok. It is going to be a shock going back to horrible cheap hostels after the places we have been staying at. But we can’t afford to do it forever.

We go to the National Museum in the morning, but it is quite expensive and there is a note saying tomorrow will be free entry due to it being the queens birthday. We visit a local shrine which was built when a hotel was built to make up for it being the wrong time to build. We also take a boat trip round the city which is a bit of a disappointment, we don’t really get to see what we had hoped, we do visit Wat Arun, which is a famous temple in Bangkok on the side of the river.

Sky Bar

on Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Today we all decide to go to the shopping centre, we have to get two cabs, but along the way we get split up and are dropped at different areas of the shopping centre. We have no way of contacting each other and after looking around a bit, me, Paul and Oli decide to visit Lumphini park. We have a walk around and have a look, but it is absolutely boiling. The have a huge outdoor gym there with bench presses using huge tractor tyres instead of weights. Afterwards we head back to the hotel to meet up with the others.

In the evening we go to the Sky bar in state tower, which has the highest restaurant in the world. It is far too expensive, so we just have a cocktail at the bar. I have a Vesper Martini, which I know is revolting, but nevertheless it is 007’s drink. The drinks are all about £10, so we don’t spend long. But you get free pistachios, which we manage to eat about 20 bowls of, to get our moneys worth. Unfortunately because it had been raining we were not allowed out onto the balcony to take photos for health and safety reasons! So we had to take some photos from inside, which was not great. A bit of a shame we couldn’t go outside, because the rain had stopped and the view would have made for some great photos!

The Reclining Buddha

on Monday, 9 August 2010

Today we spend the day visiting the grand temple in Bangkok and the reclining Buddha. We were up quite early and caught a cab to the palace. It was quite expensive to get in and we had to wear trousers inside the temple. We end up leaving pretty quickly and then get some lunch before visiting the giant reclining Buddha, which was absolutely huge. We then go back to the hotel, before going out to a local bar and club for the the boys last night in Thailand.

JJ Weekend Market

on Sunday, 8 August 2010

Today we decided to go to a large local market. The market is absolutely huge and ridiculously busy. Not much else happens, we go out for some food and a few drinks.

Arriving In Bangkok

on Saturday, 7 August 2010

Today we leave Phuket for Bangkok. Me and Tom had originally planned to get a bus up to save money, but really don’t feel like it so end up going to the airport with the others to book a flight. We manage to get a flight for not too high a price, it isn’t the same flight, but arrives at a similar time. Luckily we get some extra leg room seats. We end up getting a taxi at a ridiculously overpriced rate and we later find out we could have got it for half price outside. We find the hotel we booked wasn’t actually booked, but find somewhere across the road on Khao San Road that has space and is quite nice and not too expensive. We chill out in the room and play some cards before going to a bar for a few drinks.

Elephant Safari, Rafting And More!

on Friday, 6 August 2010

Today we have a day of activities, we have to be up early and have about a 1.5 hour bus journey to the park. We have an elephant safari, and some quad biking, Will manages to break his and Si manages to roll his! It’s a bit tame and we have to just follow the guide around at a fairly slow speed. After that we have the monkey and elephant show, which is not great, they are all chained and don’t look like their having fun. The elephant stands on two legs and throws darts and the monkeys play basketball and ride a bike around. We get another fish spa and then have another bus to a river to do some rafting. The river hardly has any water but they open the dam to increase the river massively and it was actually quite good, even after rafting in Nepal. The guides would smash us into walls and rocks deliberately. After that we go to a waterfall and then get the long bus back to the hotel. We all go for a Thai massage together and then for some dinner and a couple of beers at a nice restaurant. We get an early night, after a hard day and with an early morning tomorrow.

Arriving On Phuket For The Second Time

on Thursday, 5 August 2010

Today we leave Koh Phi Phi early and arrive on Phuket. We have a nice hotel here. We spend some time on Patong beach which is absolutely lovely. That night we go to Bangla road which is the most disgusting place I have ever been. Absolutely full of ladyboys and old men with young Thai girls and people forcing you into ping pong shows and such. The funny thing is there is families walking down the road late at night. It is not much fun, so we head back to the hotel quite early.

Maya Beach

on Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Today we visit Maya beach on Koh Phi Phi Ley, the beach featured in the film the beach. We hired a long tail boat  for 3 hours and he took us to some snorkelling spots and then to Maya beach. The boat can’t go to the beach, so you have to swim up to a little rock staircase, which is unbelievably dangerous as the tide slams everyone into the wall. Then you have a short walk through some jungle, until you arrive on the beach, which is absolutely amazing. It really is one of the most beautiful places in the world. We return back to the main island, have some food and then go out for a few drinks. Quite early on though the bars get shutdown by the police and we go home. We have to be up quite early to get the boat over to Phuket.

Arriving On Phi Phi

on Tuesday, 3 August 2010

From the pier at Surrathani, we have to wait around for about one and a half hours and then have a 2 hour bus trip to Krabi. We arrive at Krabi about 9 o'clock and have unfortunately missed the 9am ferry. Therefore we have to wait four hours for the next one. The ferry takes another 2 hours and we finally arrive at about 3pm. We chill out for a bit and have some food. I am feeling really unwell so go to bed, everyone else goes and checks out the nightlife in Phi Phi. The weather when we arrive is absolutely roasting, but in the evening it rains and is overcast. First impressions are not what I had expected and it seems very quiet and although there are new hotels, the general areas on the island, don’t look great.

Leaving Koh Tao

on Monday, 2 August 2010

Today we have to check out at 10am, we decide to get some washing done and just chill out on the beach, until we have to be at the tour office at 6pm. We get to the tour office and take a taxi to the pier. The boat is absolutely dreadful and it is just a floor with lots of mattresses. each mattress, which is probably the size of a double, or maybe less has to take 3 people, the boat is so packed that they end up having people lying on mattresses in the gangway. Luckily as we are so tired from the night before, we manage to sleep and luckily I sleep most of the 9 hours that it takes. We arrive at Surrathani at about 6am.

A Day On The Island

on Sunday, 1 August 2010

Today we decide to give the diving a miss as the weather is not so great and we plan to do it somewhere else. Instead we go to a nearby island for the day and do some snorkelling there. This is a lovely island, basically 2 small islands connected by a strip of beach. There are two lovely sheltered bays, so the water is very clear, the only problem was the water was quite shallow and you had to swim between coral and sea urchins. There was lots of fish though, and it was a much nicer beach than ours. We get back to the hotel, have some lunch and go out for a few drinks that night. Tomorrow we have to check out and our boat leaves in the evening.