A Horrible Day And More Bodyfit

on Thursday, 15 July 2010

We haven’t got the mopeds again today, so have to walk round to the training area. On the way we pick up our laundry and do the bodyfit class again. It is really overcast today and it ends up tipping it down as we are training, luckily by the time we are finished it has stopped as is always the way, it just tips it down for 10mins then stops. We get some supplies on the way back to the hostel. We end up missing the evening session again and just play some cards at the hotel, getting very boring now.


Anonymous said...

Hi Ben

Me and Ian have been catching up with your blog today do you think you can get on and do something else as it is very boring!!!!!!
PS we really like the beard and think your girlfriend is beautiful!!!

Jo x

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