First Day In Hell

on Monday, 5 July 2010

So this morning we had our first days training, I didn’t get to sleep very early last night and we had to be up at about 6:30am in order to get to the training for 7:30am. We started off with stretches and then running, including jumping, punching and touching the ground. Then more exercise based around standing and punching and also star jumps and various other stuff. We then had our hands strapped and put on our gloves and we did a bit of sparring in a group, individually with the trainers and in pairs. This is where I realised my coordination was pretty bad. This went on for what seemed ours and I have never sweat so much in my whole life. We had a water break and our small bottles hadn’t lasted long, so I went to buy some more from the bar. After sitting down there was no way I was getting back up, so I missed the last half hour, where Tom said they just did about 300 sit ups. Morning training finished about 10:30am and we had to go back in the afternoon at 3pm. We ended up going back to the room shattered and drenched, had some food and just recovered. The morning class had been more a boxing class and this afternoon was muay thai. We had the same warm up routine, with stretching and running, which left us knackered straight away. Then it was into sparring with the trainers, this time with shin guards. I was one on one with a trainer and he was trying to teach me combos of kicks and punches. Trying and failing! Tom was in the ring with a couple of others doing the same thing. The trainers are constantly trying to get you to do one on one lessons, but I don’t think they will have much luck with us, me anyway. I thought I would be more interested in it and was actually quite excited beforehand, but now I have started I am not really that bothered. We ended up leaving the session early again, making an excuse we needed to meet a friend, in hindsight we should have stayed, but we had just had enough.

We had planned to meet a friend later that evening but had not been able to contact him, so instead just had an early night ready for another early morning session the next day.


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