Back To Hong Kong

on Thursday, 1 July 2010

This morning we were heading back to Hong Kong from Macau. We got up fairly early, because we planned to go and see the horse racing in Hong Kong. We get to the ferry port though and I realise I have left my laptop charger, so I have to go back to the hostel to pick it up. We get the hour long ferry back and return to the hostel to collect our bags, as we had just taken our small bags to Macau and check in for another two nights. Luckily this time we get upgraded to a twin room, for the same price as an eight bed dorm. We check the races and realise it is not actually at the Happy Valley race course where we thought, it is at another race course miles away, so we give it a miss.

That night we have found a place called dusk till dawn, which has got loads of good reviews which is in the Wan Chai Strip, which we soon realise is full of strip clubs and dirty old men. We try the bar anyhow, which is a Filipino bar with live music. The only problems being there are only two other people in the bar and the drinks are ridiculously expensive. Five or Six quid for pint, we are offered a deal on buds at about £2, so we order those, but realise there the smallest bottles ever. We have one drink and then decide to try the area of town we had been recommended by a friend, Lan Kwai Fong. This is where most of the bars and clubs are and when we arrive it is much busier, the drinks are still as expensive, as we have missed happy hour and so we end up having a few beers outside the 7 eleven, like what most people are doing, before going into a bad and nursing two drinks all night. It is not a bad night, but tomorrow should be busier being Friday night. Nevertheless, I am a little worse for wear and we don’t get back till about 2am.


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