Arriving In The Land Of Smiles

on Sunday, 4 July 2010

We finally arrive at the camp at about 1am. Fortunately there is somebody awake and although it proves fairly difficult to explain that we need a room and want to train, eventually they contact a local hotel owner, called Tony and he picks us up and takes us to his hotel. As today is Sunday there is no training, so we can sort ourselves out and organise everything. We get some sleep and wake up at about 9am. The room costs us 2000 baht each per week, so £40. We also arrange to hire a scooter for the week and go to arrange our training. Maybe stupidly we pay in full for three weeks, I suppose it will force us to do the three weeks and not give up. We also have to buy loads of equipment, gloves, shorts, gum shield and hand straps, this costs us £70, but as we are here for 3 weeks it works out cheaper and hopefully we can sell it for some money before we leave. We decide to go to the beach in the afternoon, as we haven’t seen a beach since Goa, almost 4 months ago. We find out that a guy we met in Varanasi, is in Phuket and has done quite a bit of training himself, so we arrange to meet up with him instead, as he is leaving for Malaysia in a few days. We end up visiting the local shopping mall, having something to eat and visiting the cinema to watch the new karate kid film. At the beginning of the films in Thailand we find out that you have to all stand up, while the national anthem plays in respect of the king of Thailand. The film is pretty good and by the time we leave, it is dark. We ride back to the hostel in the dark and I really do not like riding the moped, I definitely need to get some practice for Vietnam, but this isn’t the place to be doing it. Unfortunately it is the only way to get around. We get back to the hostel and although Seb has offered to show us the nightlife in Phuket, we decide we need to get some sleep, so we can be fresh for our first days training. We arrange to meet up tomorrow to see him off.


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