Can’t Dive

on Saturday, 31 July 2010

We get up and go down to the dive shop, the guys are doing their discover scuba, so they get all the gear, we find out that we can’t actually go out, because the boats are too busy, great! We watch everyone practising in the pool and do a bit of snorkelling on the beach in front of the hotel, the tide is out and the water is very shallow and is almost impossible to get past all the coral, you have to carefully swim in about 6 inches of water, with sharp coral underneath you. We have a bit of lunch and then the guys go out on the boat for their dives, they are out for 6 hours, so me and Tom just chill out at the hotel, do a bit more snorkelling and wait for them to return. We get some food once they are back and get an early night.

Arriving On Koh Tao

on Friday, 30 July 2010

This morning we leave Koh Samui and head to Koh Tao to do some diving. It finally feels like we are doing something again, like earlier in the trip. We get to the pier and they say the boat is fully booked and we will have to go on the waiting list. Luckily 5 minutes before departure they say they have some space and we get on, Koh Samui is a great place and I wouldn’t have minded staying, but can’t wait to get some diving done in some clear water. We arrive on Koh Tao, which is an absolute paradise island, more so than Samui or Pha-Ngan. We get a taxi to the resort and after about 2 hours of trying to check in, looking at rooms and trying to make deals, we get a room and settle in. I am unsure whether to do my Advanced course, or just some pleasure dives. We will decide tomorrow!

That night be walk along the beach and have some food and a beer, I leave early as I am so tired and go back to the hotel, while the others go out to some other bars and end up spending almost the whole night out! Probably won’t be on time for their Discover scuba courses.

Koh Samui And Our 150th Day On The Road

on Thursday, 29 July 2010

This morning we get up fairly early as we will catch the ferry over to Koh Samui from Koh Phan – Ngan. We arrive and find the hotel the rest of the lads are staying at and book in for a night. Tonight we end up waking up late and spending a bit of time on the beach even though it is not a great day, it is dry. In the evening it starts tipping it down with rain, but fortunately it stops before we go out. We go the bar and restaurant area of the island and have a nice meal at one of the many restaurants, before hitting some of the bars. There are lots of lady bars which are desperately trying to get you into the clubs.

Full Moon Party!

on Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Tonight is the night of the full moon party. We end up just sitting around in the morning waiting for the boys to arrive. In the evening it starts tipping it down and there is thunder and lightning, so are a bit worried that the boats will not be running. We wait at the pier and eventually, about an hour after we had expected they arrive. We have some food and then go straight down to the beach even though it is still raining. We manage to find a bar with a little space so we can get out of the rain. The beach is absolutely packed and we all end up getting split up and it is impossible to find people on the beach, so we end up spending most of the night separated. We are ok, because we are staying on the island, but the others have to get back to Koh Samui on one of the speedboats. Unsurprisingly it is an unbelievable night and Koh Pha-Ngan is well worth a visit again.

Wasted Day

on Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Today we end up getting up late after a late night out. We have a sleep in and just sleep most of the day as it is not particularly nice. Tom goes out, back to the beach, but I give it a miss as I am so tired!

Another Horrible Day

on Monday, 26 July 2010

Today, the weather is still bad, we take a quick trip into town on the scooters and have a look around. Tom buys some new flip flops, finally after constantly falling over in the rain in his 10 year old ones. We get back to the hostel and chill out and get ready for our first night out in Koh Pha-Ngan. We go out for some food and then down to the beach to check it out. There is no music which seems a bit strange, until we ask someone who tells us it is a religious festival, so there is no music, great! Apparently it will start at midnight though, we go and buy an infamous Thai bucket, which is a can of sprite, a bottle of red bull, and a quite large bottle of rum. But you an have other spirits as well. There are fire shows going on and we get chatting to a few people. Somehow during the night I lose my iPod again, so end up going back early, still at about 4am, but still early. Tom ends up coming back sometime later. It’s a good night, just a bit dissapointing to lose another iPod less than a month after buying it. Lesson learned take absolutely nothing onto the beach with you.

Horrible Day In Koh Pha-Ngan

on Sunday, 25 July 2010

We wake up after a fairly bad nights sleep, as our bungalow was on the end next to the road, there was a constant stream of people walking passed, drunk, screaming and shouting after the infamous Coral bungalows pool party, which we missed as we were so shattered. Not to mention it is absolutely tipping it down and blowing a gale, we had thought the weather would get better on this side of Thailand, but it is actually much worse. We decide to try and find another hotel, we find a reasonably good one, but still not very nice for the price, but looks like we will have to pay, because the prices shoot up at full moon time. We then decide to hire some scooters and have a look further out of town to see if we can get something nicer and cheaper. We manage to hire some dreadful scooters, my brakes make the most horrendous screeching sound and the lonely planet says whatever you do, don’t hire scooters on the island, not too mention there is already about 10 people we have seen covered in bandages from probably scooter accidents. We get a little way up the road and we find the reason why there is no power anywhere this morning, a tree has fallen over the road and onto the power lines and the road is closed. We watch them make the worst attempt ever at pulling the tree down with a crane on the back of a pickup truck and almost kill a couple of people in the progress. Somehow they manage to get it down without killing someone or dropping it on anything and we can get through, but the traffic is now so dreadful we decide to try again later and go back to the room. We still haven’t been able to have a shower with the lack of electricity, so are feeling pretty dirty. We are in the room and it starts tipping it down again, flooding all the roads and just making it really horrible. We had heard there would be maybe hour long showers, but the weather has been dreadful since we arrived and we have been told it hasn’t been great for a while beforehand and isn’t supposed to be getting better any time soon.

6 Hours Turns To Almost 16 Hours

on Saturday, 24 July 2010

We are up at 7am to catch the minibus, which we think is going to take us straight to the pier to catch the ferry to Koh Pha-Ngan. I have read that they dump you somewhere along the way and you get picked up again, low and behold after about 4 hours travel, we arrive in Suratthani and have to change bus. They try and sell us hotels and all sorts, there is also a 2 hour wait, this turns into nearly 3 hours. We then have about another hour and a half on a big coach to the pier. The coach doesn’t have enough seats for everyone, so instead of taking a minibus as well, they just grab a load of garden chairs and put them in the aisle and make people sit there. I would not be happy! We arrive at the pier and the boat is absolutely full already, and some of the people have obviously been waiting quite a long time. We get on and sit down the side of the boat, we are told a girl had fallen of the walkway when getting onto the boat and with the drop, she must have hurt herself quite badly. This boat trip takes about an hour and a half to Koh Samui, where we all have to get off and sit on the pier for almost another hour, with no information, just people trying to sell us taxis and hotels. There is a lot of people, mainly very young, most must only be 18 or 19. Eventually another boat arrives, absolutely packed and a few people get off and then we are told to get on, by this time it is dark. It has scribbled on the side max passengers 324, which seems a bit excessive for a ferry this size. Not too mention there must be almost twice that on there. The whole boat is literally full of people, the whole deck, you just can’t move, because every inch has people sitting or standing. This ferry is a little faster, and we get to Koh Pha-Ngan about 45 minutes later. Then there is the nightmare of getting everyone and their luggage off the boat and into taxis to take them to the hotels. As soon  as the boat arrives, about 50 taxis and touts run down the pier, obviously held back until it arrives, it is like an army rushing down, screaming hotels and places on the island. They set up a slide and start sliding all the bags down onto the pier. Luckily we know where in the huge bus size pile that ours is and jump back on the boat and grab it. As my strap is almost broken and every time somebody picks it up from the wrong strap it breaks more. I am relieved to get it off without them chucking it about. We decide to just go to Haad Drin and find a place there, so get a shared taxi with 3 other people. The roads have ridiculously steep up and down parts, almost like a rollercoaster. Some of the taxis are so overloaded they can’t get up the hills, luckily our driver was not very good at convincing people to get in his taxi, so we don’t have the problem ad have some space. We have a look around and most places are either full or too expensive. We find one place which is 150baht(£3) each, but is pretty dreadful, we are so tied though, we decide to stay one night and find somewhere better in the morning. We go and find a restaurant for some food and end up spending more on our dinner than on the room. In hindsight I’d rather have gone hungry and got a better room. What a nightmare day!

Last Days Training

on Friday, 23 July 2010

Today was our last day training at the camp, before leaving for Koh Pha-Ngan the next morning. We did the bodyfit class in the morning which was an absolute killer, then decided we would put all our stuff in the laundry and not bother with the afternoon. We were going to go down to the beach for a bit, but decided as the weather was not great, to not bother. I tried to find somewhere to sell our stuff, but apparently there was nowhere that would buy it. Tony had started buying stuff, but had loads that he couldn’t sell. We got a fairly early night for the journey tomorrow that we had been told was 6 hours, but I had read was probably going to take a lot longer.

Day Off

on Thursday, 22 July 2010

Today I had a day off from training, I was just shattered in the morning and couldn’t be bothered to get out of bed, although Tom went. We hired some scooters and went to the beach again, although it was raining slightly at the hotel, once we got to the beach it was one of the nicest days we have had and was so hot. We spent a couple of hours down there, before returning to the hotel. We decided to go and watch the movie we missed a couple of days again. But stupidly we didn’t check the time again and assumed it would be the same time. Of course it wasn’t and we ended up missing it again, so another ride to the cinema and back for no reason. Ended up having a pretty late night, so will hopefully get up for the last days training tomorrow.

The Phuket Big Buddha

on Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Today I wake up so tired, after staying up late, that I can’t be bothered to get up and do bodyfit. Something I regret afterwards. Tom goes and does it though. I decide to go to the beach again, and also visit the big Buddha in Phuket, Tom decides to stay at the hotel. I get to the big Buddha, which is fairly impressive, like the Buddha we saw in Lantau, Hong Kong, but made of marble instead of metal. They were doing quite a bit of repairs and construction, so there was a lot of scaffolding and work being done. I then decide to check out some of the other beaches, but after a half hour of riding around, and not finding any decent beach, after checking about 3 others. I head back to the beach we have been going to every other day, but just as I arrive it starts to tip it down, I wait a little bit, until it stops a bit, but there is no sign of it stopping completely, so head back to the hotel, where we chill out at the hotel.

More Beach

on Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Today we did the bodyfit class and also the mma class. It was our first mma class. We did some warm up stuff which involved crawling on our stomachs, cartwheels and falling on your back time after time as well. We were absolutely shattered after doing the bodyfit beforehand and really it was too much. We learnt some arm locks and rolls, it is much more wrestling orientated and I can’t say it’s much fun rolling around with another guy, both of you absolutely drenched in sweat. After we finish we hire some scooters and head down to the beach for a bit, it is a really nice day and unbelievably hot, so don’t spend too long. The sea is a lot calmer as well so we can get some swimming done. We then go back to the hotel and decide to go and watch inception at the local cinema. We turn up and I have got the times wrong and we have arrived at the time for the luxury cinema, which at £13 is too much, so we just have some food and go back to the hotel.

A New Week

on Monday, 19 July 2010

We have planned to do the mma today, but after our bodyfit class we are absolutely shattered and decide to give it a miss. We end up doing nothing for the rest of the day. As usual. I am also writing this a bit late and can’t even remember what we have done in the last few days!

Another Day On The Beach

on Sunday, 18 July 2010

Today, we decided as we still had the scooters till about 1pm we would go to the beach again in the morning as it was not too bad a day. As we are driving down the road, Tony, the guy who we had booked the hotel with stops us and says he has a room available at his other hotel, which is supposed to be nicer and is closer to the training camp. We go and have a look and it does seem nicer, so we go back to our hotel and pack everything up and move over.

Tony says we can have the scooters for the rest of the day so we pop down to the beach for a few hours. The surf is quite rough again and we see a guy with the most ridiculous swimwear ever. We decide to have a look at the local market as well which is absolutely packed and huge, but all the stores are selling the same things, so we only look round a small section. We go and try to watch a film at the local cinema, but none start in the next hour, so we head back to the hotel and get an early night, ready for a new week of training.

Beach Time

on Saturday, 17 July 2010

Today, we got up late and although it wasn’t a particularly nice day and it even rained as we walked round to Tony’s we decided to hire some scooters and go to the beach. It had stopped raining, but was still quite overcast, but we had just been sitting around for the last couple of days doing nothing, so were going to make sure we did something today, even if we had to lie on the beach in the rain. When we arrived, it had actually cleared up a bit and although still a bit overcast, it was not too bad. The surf is really rough, and there are actually some quite big waves. We stayed on the beach a few hours and ended up giving the afternoon session a miss and just spend the evening playing cards at the hotel.

Krabi Krabong

on Friday, 16 July 2010

Today, we do the bodyfit class in the morning and then decide to do the Krabi Krabong class straight after. This is a stick based martial art, taught by the yoga teacher. My excellent coordination is helpful here, when spinning the sticks and doing the combination hits. We also watch a bit of the MMA class, where they are practicing submissions against each other. It looks quite good, so we will probably try that next week. Because we have done two classes, we get back to the hotel a bit later. The Krabi Krabong is a one and a half hour class. We end up falling asleep for several hours and miss the afternoon class.

A Horrible Day And More Bodyfit

on Thursday, 15 July 2010

We haven’t got the mopeds again today, so have to walk round to the training area. On the way we pick up our laundry and do the bodyfit class again. It is really overcast today and it ends up tipping it down as we are training, luckily by the time we are finished it has stopped as is always the way, it just tips it down for 10mins then stops. We get some supplies on the way back to the hostel. We end up missing the evening session again and just play some cards at the hotel, getting very boring now.

Hard Day’s Training

on Wednesday, 14 July 2010

We do bodyfit again this morning, we have to give the mopeds back, so we pop down to Tony’s for breakfast and drop of some laundry on the way there. I have a quick walk down the road, and find the local golf course. Unfortunately they want  £21 for a round of 18 holes, which turns out to be basically just a 9 hole pitch and putt played twice. Then they want £13 for clubs and £4 for shoes, which makes it way too expensive, although the range is a bit more reasonable, so might pop down there and hit a few balls if I get a chance. We just chill out in the evening and give the afternoon session a miss as all our training clothes are at the laundry. I am absolutely knackered and end up going to sleep at 8pm!

Back To The Beach

on Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Today, we again did the bodyfit class in the morning and as it was a nice day, decided to hire the scooters for a day and go back to the beach for the day. We got 2 hours down there before some big black clouds started coming in, so we decided to leave. We just managed to get back before it started tipping it down. I went to the evening Muay Thai class and Tom did some weights at the gym. We spent the evening just chilling out at the hotel as per usual.

Back To Training

on Monday, 12 July 2010

Today we are back to training, we have decided to do a different class today, called bodyfit. It is only an hour long, but we have heard it is good. The class involves lot’s of different exercises and at the end we are both absolutely shattered. I have actually managed to sweat more than in the other class which is unbelievable. We go back in the evening and do the first half of the Muay Thai class as well. This is our first day without the mopeds and the walk round in the morning and back isn’t actually too bad, so I don’t think we will bother with the bikes and just save the money. We have also tried to cut down on the food we are eating, and instead of eating at restaurants every meal, we are just making our own food at the hotel, which involves, cereal, cheese sandwiches and pot noodles, so nothing too interesting, but at least we are saving some money.

Our One Day Off

on Sunday, 11 July 2010

Today we had a day of from training, Sunday being the only one. We decided to have some breakfast at a local restaurant we had hired the scooters from as we needed to return them today. It didn’t look like a bad day, so we said we would hire the scooters for an extra day and go back to the beach. We went back to the hotel and what did it do, it started tipping it down, we decided to wait and play some cards and see if it improved, but it only got worse. We didn’t go to the beach, but thankfully got an early night, ready for training tomorrow.

Even more training…

on Saturday, 10 July 2010

More training today, we make a quick trip to the local mall to get some supplies, and it ends up tipping it down on the way there. We have a day off tomorrow though and will get down the beach.

More Training…

on Friday, 9 July 2010

Today we didn’t do much apart from training and then chilling out in the evening.

Day On The Beach

on Thursday, 8 July 2010

This morning we both can’t be bothered to get up, surprise surprise, so lazy! I end up going for a run in the morning while Tom sleeps in. Then we go and get some breakfast and put some clothes in to be washed. We decide to go to the beach, we go to a different beach which is a bit bigger. It is a little more overcast today, but still hot. We decide to hire some snorkelling equipment, where I think we get ripped off a little, and it also seems that scuba courses are more expensive than we had expected. We do a bit of snorkelling, in some clear waters which is nice, although there is quite a lot of rubbish in the water. We see quite a few fish and jellyfish. We decide to spend the whole day on the beach, as we have all our equipment in being washed and decide not to bother with any of the training today.

We get back to the hostel and pick up our laundry, We both find that our backs are completely burnt, so I am sure that will be pretty painful tonight. We end up going out for something to eat nearby and get another early night to make sure we actually do some training tomorrow!

A Bit Of Yoga

on Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Today we decided we would try a bit of yoga. Only problem was it started at 7am, so I was absolutely shattered. It started with ten minutes of meditation, then some stretching and ending with some more meditation. The meditation was actually quite relaxing and the actual yoga was quite good, although I am really not flexible at all and could not do some of the positions at all. After that we decided to go and check out the shooting range and go kart place, unfortunately it was way too expensive for us. We try and find an apple repair shop to get Tom’s iPod fixed, but we can’t find it and after 20mins of searching we just go back. We go and do the afternoon session, but leave near the end. We manage to get an early night ready for some more yoga tomorrow.

Second Day Of Training

on Tuesday, 6 July 2010

We ended up oversleeping this morning and missed the morning session, so we decided to go and find the beach and just do the afternoon session. The beach is about 20mins away by moped, there is actually about 5 beaches in the same area. We picked one, had a bit of food and then chilled out sunbathing and had a swim, the water is amazingly clear and warm, and the beach hardly had anyone on it. I need to get some snorkelling stuff as soon as possible. We got back to the hotel just in time to have a shower and get changed for the training. We started off exactly the same, I had a bit of one on one with the main instructor and was actually picking some of it up, and actually enjoying it. I managed to complete the whole session, although there was a little cheating on the 300 sit ups and 100 press ups at the end. I didn’t think it was possible but I actually sweat more this time. I am even thinking about having a private lesson to see how I get on. I think after a couple more days it will be a lot easier and more enjoyable. After the training we had something to eat just down the road and then went back and chilled in the hotel. Tomorrow morning we are going to do the yoga and then the training in the afternoon. Two sessions of training a day is a bit too much for us at the moment. The only problem is the yoga starts at 7:00am, and I don’t get to sleep till 2am!

First Day In Hell

on Monday, 5 July 2010

So this morning we had our first days training, I didn’t get to sleep very early last night and we had to be up at about 6:30am in order to get to the training for 7:30am. We started off with stretches and then running, including jumping, punching and touching the ground. Then more exercise based around standing and punching and also star jumps and various other stuff. We then had our hands strapped and put on our gloves and we did a bit of sparring in a group, individually with the trainers and in pairs. This is where I realised my coordination was pretty bad. This went on for what seemed ours and I have never sweat so much in my whole life. We had a water break and our small bottles hadn’t lasted long, so I went to buy some more from the bar. After sitting down there was no way I was getting back up, so I missed the last half hour, where Tom said they just did about 300 sit ups. Morning training finished about 10:30am and we had to go back in the afternoon at 3pm. We ended up going back to the room shattered and drenched, had some food and just recovered. The morning class had been more a boxing class and this afternoon was muay thai. We had the same warm up routine, with stretching and running, which left us knackered straight away. Then it was into sparring with the trainers, this time with shin guards. I was one on one with a trainer and he was trying to teach me combos of kicks and punches. Trying and failing! Tom was in the ring with a couple of others doing the same thing. The trainers are constantly trying to get you to do one on one lessons, but I don’t think they will have much luck with us, me anyway. I thought I would be more interested in it and was actually quite excited beforehand, but now I have started I am not really that bothered. We ended up leaving the session early again, making an excuse we needed to meet a friend, in hindsight we should have stayed, but we had just had enough.

We had planned to meet a friend later that evening but had not been able to contact him, so instead just had an early night ready for another early morning session the next day.

Arriving In The Land Of Smiles

on Sunday, 4 July 2010

We finally arrive at the camp at about 1am. Fortunately there is somebody awake and although it proves fairly difficult to explain that we need a room and want to train, eventually they contact a local hotel owner, called Tony and he picks us up and takes us to his hotel. As today is Sunday there is no training, so we can sort ourselves out and organise everything. We get some sleep and wake up at about 9am. The room costs us 2000 baht each per week, so £40. We also arrange to hire a scooter for the week and go to arrange our training. Maybe stupidly we pay in full for three weeks, I suppose it will force us to do the three weeks and not give up. We also have to buy loads of equipment, gloves, shorts, gum shield and hand straps, this costs us £70, but as we are here for 3 weeks it works out cheaper and hopefully we can sell it for some money before we leave. We decide to go to the beach in the afternoon, as we haven’t seen a beach since Goa, almost 4 months ago. We find out that a guy we met in Varanasi, is in Phuket and has done quite a bit of training himself, so we arrange to meet up with him instead, as he is leaving for Malaysia in a few days. We end up visiting the local shopping mall, having something to eat and visiting the cinema to watch the new karate kid film. At the beginning of the films in Thailand we find out that you have to all stand up, while the national anthem plays in respect of the king of Thailand. The film is pretty good and by the time we leave, it is dark. We ride back to the hostel in the dark and I really do not like riding the moped, I definitely need to get some practice for Vietnam, but this isn’t the place to be doing it. Unfortunately it is the only way to get around. We get back to the hostel and although Seb has offered to show us the nightlife in Phuket, we decide we need to get some sleep, so we can be fresh for our first days training. We arrange to meet up tomorrow to see him off.

Lantau Island Cable Car

on Saturday, 3 July 2010

Today is our last day in Hong Kong and we have decided to visit the cable car on Lantau island. One of the girls from last night called Iris is coming with us. We leave at about 1:30pm, which is probably a bit late as our flight leaves at 9:10pm. We arrive at the island which is about half an hour away and get the tickets for the cable car and a walk with Buddha attraction. We manage to get the walk with Buddha thing free as Iris pays on her card and they have a promotion. We have the crystal cabin which has a clear floor, and the journey is about 20mins with some lovely views of the islands. We get to the top and it is just unbelievably hot. First of all we have some food, some noodles at a little Japanese style restaurant. We then go to the “Walk with Buddha” show. We then walk up the hill to see the huge metal Buddha they have there. By this time it is getting a bit late and we really need to head back to the hostel to get our bags and go to the airport. We get back to the hostel grab our stuff and catch the airport express to the airport, Iris comes with us and manages to get us some cheaper tickets, luckily she knows exactly where to go, otherwise we could have easily not made it in time. They have a check in at the train station, but the sign says, check in is closed and it is delayed. We check on Iris’s I phone and it says there is no delay and I can’t believe the check in has closed nearly 2 hours before departure. We get to the airport and manage to get checked in fine. We get on the plane, unfortunately the leg room is dreadful and we are starving and had declined the onboard meal, fortunately we manage to order some food, with the small amount of baht I changed at the airport. The flight is about 3 hours and I need some sleep, but can’t because it is so uncomfortable. We arrive slightly early at Phuket airport about 11:30pm. We had not managed to get a confirmation email from Tiger muay Thai and although they said they would arrange a cab to pick us up from the airport they had not confirmed it. Unsurprisingly there is no cab waiting and we decide to just chance it and turn up at the camp!

Victoria Bay Tour

on Friday, 2 July 2010

Today we visited Victoria bay and did a tour of the harbour on the ferry. It was ridiculously hot today and we could only manage a short time outside on the deck before having to return inside to the luxury of the air con. It was a bit dissapointing, and although you got good views of the harbour, there just is nothing that spectacular in the harbour to see. We went back to the hostel to get ready to go out for our last night in Hong Kong. It was again a very hot night and after walking around, looking for somewhere to find food and not finding anything decent or cheap, a burger bar even wanted $500(£45) just to sit down! We decide not to bother and just have a sandwich at the seven eleven. We watch a show that is on, involving some of the worst cheerleading and football skills show I have ever seen and after having a couple of drinks in a local bar while it’s happy hour, we then buy some drinks from the seven eleven. We meet three guys who are from Taiwan and two of which are MC’s and one a DJ. They invite us to come and see them and we also meet a couple of local Hong Kong girls, Hongkonise. First of all they suggest we go to another local bar before they are playing at midnight. Along the way Tom gets separated from the rest of us and I am too drunk to even realise. We stay in the bar for a little bit, before going onto the club that the guys are DJing at. Tom can’t find us and we have no way of contacting him, he ends up going back to the hostel, but we only have one key and I have it, luckily he manages to get into the hostel and sleep on the couch in the lounge area. The rest of us meet up in the club which is so ridiculously small, we go up a lift and the place is about 5m by 10m, with a small balcony around the edge. The guys are awesome and get everybody really going. We end up staying there till about 4am, before I go back to the hostel. I have forgotten the password for the main door, which is in a separate building to where the main office is. I have to walk all the way to the office and wake someone up to get the key. I finally get back into the room and find Tom asleep on the sofa in the lounge. Apparently it is my fault that we got lost, even though he stopped following us to chat to some girls!

Back To Hong Kong

on Thursday, 1 July 2010

This morning we were heading back to Hong Kong from Macau. We got up fairly early, because we planned to go and see the horse racing in Hong Kong. We get to the ferry port though and I realise I have left my laptop charger, so I have to go back to the hostel to pick it up. We get the hour long ferry back and return to the hostel to collect our bags, as we had just taken our small bags to Macau and check in for another two nights. Luckily this time we get upgraded to a twin room, for the same price as an eight bed dorm. We check the races and realise it is not actually at the Happy Valley race course where we thought, it is at another race course miles away, so we give it a miss.

That night we have found a place called dusk till dawn, which has got loads of good reviews which is in the Wan Chai Strip, which we soon realise is full of strip clubs and dirty old men. We try the bar anyhow, which is a Filipino bar with live music. The only problems being there are only two other people in the bar and the drinks are ridiculously expensive. Five or Six quid for pint, we are offered a deal on buds at about £2, so we order those, but realise there the smallest bottles ever. We have one drink and then decide to try the area of town we had been recommended by a friend, Lan Kwai Fong. This is where most of the bars and clubs are and when we arrive it is much busier, the drinks are still as expensive, as we have missed happy hour and so we end up having a few beers outside the 7 eleven, like what most people are doing, before going into a bad and nursing two drinks all night. It is not a bad night, but tomorrow should be busier being Friday night. Nevertheless, I am a little worse for wear and we don’t get back till about 2am.