Thai Visa, Done

on Wednesday, 23 June 2010

This morning we have to go and get our Thai visa from the consulate. We are woken early again by the sound of drilling, this time at 7:00am.  I end up going and complaining and the guy goes to speak to them and says it will not happen anymore, if it does we will have to move room. We go and pick up our visa and it’s free which is a nice surprise. I also get some washing done and we just chill out for the rest of the day. We go for some food at a local Japanese restaurant and then go to a pub to watch the football. I meet some weird guy who calls himself stab man UK or something and is trying to sell drugs and is just basically a not very nice bloke. We have a couple of beers at the pub, but it is very expensive at 35Y a pint. We then go back to Muse, the same place we went on the night we arrived in Shanghai as it is Pree’s last night in shanghai, before he goes back to Beijing and flies home.


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