Return To China

on Thursday, 3 June 2010

We are up at 5am to get ready and get to the airport. We end up arriving about an hour earlier than we needed to, so could have got a bit more sleep which would have been nice. We leave at 9am and actually arrive about 10am as we go back 2 hours. We stop of again at Qingdao and transfer to Beijing. We arrive and get the train from the airport into the centre of Beijing and after a short walk manage to find the hostel, we will be staying in for at least the next week. This will probably be the first time since Goa that we have stayed anywhere for more than a few days. We get to the hotel and end up just chilling out as we are so knackered from not getting much sleep the last few nights. I feel a bit disappointed at leaving Japan, it’s a great place, but for us is just too expensive to spend any sort of time without working. It will definitely be a place that I would want to go and spend more time and maybe work. The Japanese really are a completely different type of people than and have a completely different way of life than any other people. I think I could spend my whole life between China and Japan!


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