Murial, Shanghai

on Friday, 18 June 2010

We get up quite late and end up sitting about and recovering all day. Most of the guys are leaving today and it will just be us and Preeyan left in Shanghai. We go out for a meal at a local restaurant. I order some meat which they just get out of the window and is horrible and cold, but stupidly I eat it anyway. That night we go out to a club called Murial, which is 100Y all you can drink and plan to watch the football there. In the cab I start to feel a bit ill, the club is full of Americans, as we get in one makes a snide mark to Preeyan, we don’t react, but it puts me and Tom in a bad mood from the start of the night. If only we had already done our Muay Thai training. Every mouthful of beer is making me feel worse and worse, and I end up just sitting there all night. We all end up leaving before the game starts and I go back to the hostel. Tom and Preeyan stay out a little longer and watch the first half, but come back before the end of the game.


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