on Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Today we went to Macau for one day. We got up early, so we could get most of the day in Macau. We had a short tube journey to the ferry port and then it was about an hour trip on the turbojet hydrofoil thing. We found our hostel, which was pretty basic, and up a few flights of stairs in what looked like a block of flats. We decided to visit the sky tower, which has the biggest bungy jump in the world apparently. I was expecting it to be about £50, but they wanted £150 which although I really wanted to do it, it was just too much and also the fact there was two guy ropes, so you fell perfectly straight, it didn’t seem like a proper bungy.

In the evening we started off by going to a nearby casino and as the minimum bet on all the tables was at least $100(£10), we just played the automatic roulette, I swiftly lost about £40 and Tom lost about a ten. We then thought we would go and check out a nearby club. We go upstairs and the place is completely empty. The guy says it doesn’t get busy till about 2am. We have a bit more of a walk round and visit some more casinos, most people are playing baccarat, there are a few poker tables, which in hindsight we should have pooled our money and bought in on. The poker tables looked like they had professionals playing, all dressed like poker players, sunglasses and headphones, the lot. We just had to watch people play, because you need to come here with some money for a holiday, it isn’t the place for a bunch of travellers to come to. We visited several casinos, in one we watched some guys playing a bit of blackjack, just throwing in £10 chips one after the other, and that was the lowest minimum bet table. Tom changed up twenty quid and swiftly lost it in two hands to the amusement of everyone else at the table. We then tried the club again, at about 1:30am, but it was still dead, obviously everyone in Macau just lives in the casinos. We return to the first casino and play a bit more roulette with our beer money. I do a bit better this time, winning back £20 of my losses, so we both go home about 30-40 quid out of pocket.

Macau is a great place, but not for backpackers, you need to stay at a posh hotel at £150 a night and have a couple of grand to gamble with.


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