Japan Round Up

on Thursday, 3 June 2010

Our week in Japan is over and it is the first time I have not wanted to leave a country. I think mainly because we were there such a short period and hardly saw anything. In hindsight we should have spent the week in just one or possibly two cities, but instead we were constantly rushing around. The Japanese really are unlike any other people we have met so far or I think we will meet again. It is a totally different culture! There very hard working, very respectful of others and their country, I thought China was clean, but Japan is just ridiculous (A girl in a hostel spent over an hour scrubbing a fridge door with a toothbrush). They take so much care in their appearance as well, they must be some of the most well dressed people in the world, I didn’t see a single person walking around looking scruffy. The bullet trains are amazing and they were to the minute on every train we got. They have so many weird things, vending machines are everywhere, they have loads of their multi storey car parks that stack the cars on top of each other. They are also so helpful and inquisitive when they see you, they really do seem like there from a totally different world. A better world! I am getting to the stage where I am thinking why on earth does everyone want to go and live in the UK, maybe it’s just a case of grass is greener on the other side. But I really can’t find any reason why living in the UK would be more appealing. They is also so much money going around, the amount of expensive cars we saw was ridiculous, everybody had an iPhone and we saw several Ipads. This is definitely a place I will have to revisit and ideally it would be great to work here for several years, but it is almost impossible to get work without a degree, or being married to a Japanese person.

Highlight – I can’t really choose a specific thing or place we went, just the whole experience was great.

Lowlight – Spending way too much money on nights out in Kyoto and Tokyo.

Comment Of Japan – Seb in Tokyo – You(Tom) look like a crack head and you(me) look sane.

Funniest Moments –  Our night out in Tokyo, especially Seb.


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