Hassle In The Silk Market

on Monday, 7 June 2010

Today we visited the silk market in Beijing, a large shopping area with hundreds of small shops. They sell mainly clothing and pearls. It was very busy inside and all the shops have young girls, that can’t be much older than 16 years old working in them. As we walked by you would get constant hassle about visiting their shop, they would even grab your arm as you walked past and try and drag you into their shop. If you voluntarily went in to have a look, they would be all over you trying to sell you something and if you declined they started punching, pinching and threatening to kill us. We have had this sort of treatment before, but not with so many people. They sell loads of fake goods as well, they had the usual phones and even a fake ipad. But they also had cameras and play stations, which I have no idea if they were real or fake, but looked like the part, but probably didn’t work like they should, like the fake Iphones. I bought a usb fan for my laptop for a couple of pounds and Tom bought a couple of pairs of sunglasses. Later that night we went out for some food with the guys from the hostel, and ordered way too much food and had to leave half of it! Tomorrow we have the wall and have to be up at 7:30am.


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