The Great Deodorant Hunt

on Friday, 4 June 2010

Today we are just chilling out, we go try and buy some deodorant and literally nowhere sells it, when we ask they just point us to women’s perfume. We eventually find, what must be the only two cans of deodorant in the whole city, but the women wants 150Y, about £15 and says the usual price is 800Y, £80. Probably the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard. We return to the hotel and ask whether there is a big supermarket nearby and are show where a Wal-Mart is. We have to take the subway and after asking several people where it is and getting a different direction every time, we just happen to stumble upon a local pharmacy and buy some deodorant. We get the subway back, but on the subway, everybody has their stuff x-rayed and they tell us we can’t go in with an aerosol can. Which is pretty stupid, we try and convince them but there having none of it. Eventually we end up walking to the next station and just walking through with them in our pockets. So the whole day has been spent walking round trying to find deodorant. We decide to check out the bar area and end up going to a local club and meeting the girls we had met in Ping Yao.


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