The Great Aircraft Carrier Party

on Saturday, 5 June 2010

Today we woke up quite late. While sitting in the restaurant i over hear someone talking about a party on a aircraft carrier. A quick search on Google and its true there is a huge party on a massive aircraft carrier. The place is two hours away though and it is tonight and the bus leaves at 5:30. We ring up the organiser and manage to arrange to meet him to get some last minute tickets. We end up waiting in a bar, six of us from the hostel, waiting for the guy to turn up. We get chatting to a Swedish guy who is already off his face at 1pm and has been living in China for 12 years making TV shows. The guy turns up and we get our tickets which cost 300Y and include the bus there and back to Tianjin, where the ship is docked. We get back to the hotel and get changed, buy a few Tsingtao’s from the supermarket for 3Y each. A great change from the prices of a beer in Japan. So at 5:30 we make our way to the bus pick up point. While sitting waiting another Audi R8 pulls up and drops off a young girl. It’s like being back in Japan, there is lots of money in Beijing. There is about eight busses ferrying people to the party and we jump on one with the other guys from the hostel and everyone spends the journey drinking on the bus. We arrive at about 8:30 and just sitting in the car park are two Nissan GTR’s. Most of the people on the busses were foreigners, lots of Germans for some reason and not many Chinese. I get to the ticket point and find like an idiot I have lost half of my ticket and they refuse to let me in. Looks like I will have to pay another 150Y for another entry ticket, but thankfully after a few phone calls they let me in. As we walk through a Ferrari drives past and parked down near the boat are three Lamborghini Gallardo's, a couple of 911’s, more Ferraris, an Aston Martin DBS and a matt black Nissan GTR. We get inside and one of the guys we had come with from the hostel, an Israeli guy has fallen asleep in the doorway after being in there 5 minutes. We have a look round and the place is huge, there are two rooms, one down stairs, but the main one is on the flight deck and it is littered with jets and helicopters. The place is pretty empty, probably as it is only about 8pm, they start firing the guns and we have a look round the ship. It doesn’t seem that busy, and I don’t think there is as many people as they apparently had last year, which was 1800. Maybe because the place is just so massive, it didn’t seem that way. Downstairs there is a guy absolutely off his face dancing like a real weirdo, this room is pretty much empty because everybody is up in the flight deck. I go down stairs to the toilet and spot the girl I had seen earlier coming out of the Audi R8. I have a little chat and as a joke ask if I can come and drive his car. It turns out he works for Audi and she is actually German. Amazingly she says it should be fine and gives me her address and number. So sometime this week, hopefully I’ll get a drive. Absolutely mad! I think I end up getting the last bus back at about 5am, by myself as the other guys had already left at various times. It’s another 2 hours back to the park and I find the two British guys crashed out sleeping in the park. I have a quick look round the park and there is about 20 old Chinese guys speed skating round the park on roller blades, people tap dancing and a couple having wedding photos taken. I go back and get the British guys and we share a cab back to the hostel, eventually arriving at about 8:30am. The British guys had stolen a model gun from a shop and are walking down the street pointing it at people and screaming, the most ridiculous thing I have ever seen. We still haven’t seen anything in Beijing, so we will have to start seeing the sights soon.


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