Forbidden City And Tiananmen Square

on Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Today we decided to visit Tiananmen square and the forbidden city. The security at the square was unbelievable, there was a lamp post with about eight security cameras on it. We then went into the forbidden city, getting a nice discount on our tickets with our student cards, it was only 20Y instead of 60Y. The forbidden city was huge and we didn’t end up looking around the whole thing, we had been told it wasn’t that great and you could only spend a short while there before you got bored. We had even been told by a couple of people not to bother at all and it wasn’t that great if I am honest.

We returned to the hostel and picked our bags up as we were moving to a hostel in Sanlutin, the bar and club area. We arrived and checked in, soon realising it wasn’t that great and after having to pay more than twice as much for a Tsingdao(beer) we decided we would go back to Leos, so I gave them a ring and booked for our last 3 nights in Beijing. We had moved here to be nearer the bars, but the place we were going tonight was quite a long way away. It was called Juicy spot and it was all you can drink for 60Y and we I had heard they did a really good burger for 10Y. We arrived at 8pm and found it was shut and not opening till 9pm. Thinking that they didn’t serve food anymore, we went to a restaurant next door and had beef and bacon with rice. The bowl it was survived in was ridiculous hot and the rice burnt almost instantly to the bottom of the bowl. We had arranged to meet the guys from the hostel in the bar, so we went in to try and find them. We played a bit of pool and they finally turned up a bit later. The free drinks, were beers or cocktails, so we started on trying all the cocktails they did, but after getting to the Baileys Banana, which was amazing, that’s all I drank. The club had a rooftop bar where they cooked kebabs and downstairs they sold the burgers, I was too stuffed but Tom had the burger for just £1! At about 11pm the place was absolutely heaving and you could barely move in the club. We made our way back to the hostel at about 4am, planning to pick up our stuff and move hostel the next morning.


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