The Fastest Train In The World

on Thursday, 24 June 2010

I wake up this morning and find that last night, after being in a pretty bad way, I have lost my iPod. This is a real pain in the arse, not because of the music, but because of all the notes, with information on places to go and with all my bank details and passwords and account numbers, so not a good thing to lose. I get up about midday and Tom at about 3pm, we decide to go and travel on the Mag Lev train, which is the fastest train in the world and doesn’t touch the tracks. It runs at different speeds during the day, sometimes at 300kph and sometimes the top speed of 431kph, so we make sure we get there in time for the fast trip. The trains also pass each other at a combined speed of 700kph. We buy a round trip ticket, which costs 80Y each and go up to the platform as it travels on a raised track. The journey, which goes to the airport is 30km and takes 8 minutes. The train doesn’t really look anything special, nothing like the bullet trains in Japan. The train starts picking up speed pretty quickly and is not actually as smooth as I had expected, it is soon at its top speed of 431kph, which it only travels at for probably less than a minute and then starts slowing down. We pass the other train and it creates quite a loud noise and goes past so quickly. We get to the airport and don’t even get off, just move seats and make the 8 minute trip back. We return to the hostel and chill out until Pree has to leave, we then go for some food and although had planned to go out, decide to give it a miss.


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