China Round Up

on Monday, 28 June 2010

Well, it’s over our second month in China has come to an end. Almost two months in total spent in China and for me it has been the best place by far. It’s funny because everybody seems shocked that I like it when they ask what we think of China. The seem to find the Chinese rude, and some have said they are fake. I can slightly understand the rude bit, because when it comes to queuing, they just don’t do it and they also constantly spit in the streets, but for me this is just what they do and how things work, and if I am honest it doesn’t even bother me that much. There are so many more great things that make you not even think about these small things. I have only found them extremely friendly and helpful, both older Chinese, who on the trains are always interested, want to talk to you and will offer you food and drink, to the younger Chinese who are also so interested and want to chat and have their photo taken. They are different, if not weird, but I think that’s what makes China so great, the same as Japan. From when I first arrived, I knew this was somewhere I would want to come and live, the question was when, I was close to ending the trip and just staying here for a few years and even now I don’t know how long I will go before returning. When I left several people said they didn’t think I would come back and I thought there was no chance of me staying away for more than the planned 11 months, but now I don’t think there is any chance of me being back in the UK for any serious time in the next 10 years! China has everything, from the remoteness and nomadic people of Tibet, with the huge mountains, to Chengdu and Xi’an with their chilled out atmosphere, to Beijing and Shanghai, which could rival any big city in the world, for a modern city and nightlife. Down in the south there is beautiful lakes and almost jungle like terrain, that although we did not see this time due to the flooding, I know I will see when I return. China also has two of the most amazing man made attractions in the world, the great wall and the terracotta army, I have not seen the pyramids or any other “wonders of the world” but I can’t imagine anything being as impressive as these things. The great wall really must be the most amazing man made structure ever made. China has also seen us meet so many great people, not only travellers, but locals, we have not met so many people in one country, some of which were brief meetings, and some we spent several days or even weeks. When we first left China I didn’t feel disappointed, but I think this was because I knew that we were coming back. This time, I know I will not be back for at least several months and just like Japan am feeling really disappointed about leaving, I am sure this will fade, but I know that I will return in the future and it will be for much longer. China has so many people, yet it doesn’t feel too crowded, the country is just so massive, unlike India, which was just way too crowded, you don’t get that here, even in the big cities. The only place we had the problem was the Expo and that was the most ridiculous thing ever. China has to always be the best and put on the biggest show when they host something. With the expo they just went one step further. The place was so busy it was ridiculous, 7 hour queues, just to enter some pavilions! The place is absolutely crammed full of Chinese, they have at least 300,000 people a day, sometimes 7 or 800,000, and this is everyday for the last two months and probably will be the same for the next 4 months. The Chinese go absolutely crazy for it. We have been told it is because lots of them are either too poor to travel to other countries or it is just made too difficult by the Chinese government for them to travel. I will definitely be back to China and can even see it being somewhere I could end up living.

Highlight – Walking on the great wall and the people we met.

Lowlight – The Queuing at Expo.

Comment of China – Tom (again) – When talking about who will win the muay thai fight tom says “I will make you a cucumber!”.

Funniest moments – James walking through Tiananmen square at 5am during the flag ceremony and shouting “Nihao sexy” to every girl he saw and Pree in Shanghai, especially singing Oasis and shooting people with his hand guns.



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