Recovery Day

on Thursday, 20 May 2010

Today we didn’t really have anything planned, apart from visiting the history museum.  We had a lay in and left about midday. We were not particularly interested so we didn’t spend long there and headed back to the hotel, stopping on the way at the Muslim quarter to do some souvenir shopping. In one shop they are selling Mont Blanc fountain pens. The young girl starts at about 300Y, I start the negotiations at 10Y and she calls me crazy. Eventually I get it knocked down to 25Y, which is probably still way too much. She starts to get really aggressive tough and shouting at me to decide quickly. Even starts punching me and saying she is going to kill me. We are just cracking up with laughter, Tom buys a few souvenirs and I buy loads more stuff. We then head back to the hostel, we meet another Chinese musician who we had played dice the night before and tell him about last night, he can’t really shed any more light on what was going on, so we will never know. We have a few drinks with James and another British couple, we are then all invited to join a group of Chinese students who are on a night out with their tutor and want a bit of practice I think. We sit and drink and chat and play Jenga, until finally deciding to go out again. This time James isn’t up for it and sensibly has an early night as he is going to Huashan mountain the next morning as we are planning to do as well. So we meet a guy from the US who is staying in my dorm and we all decide to head out. We turn up at the other club that we had been recommended and as with all the places out here they have lots of security, but instead of bouncers, there like soldiers with helmets and body armour. The fact that the Chinese seem so chilled out and we haven’t seen any trouble at all makes it seem very unnecessary and excessive. This place is much cheaper and they sell the beers in crates of 24. With 24 beers costing 150Y. As usual everyone is playing dice and the place is really busy, unlike the night before. We end up drinking quite a bit too much and eventually get back in at about 6am.


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