Jiuzaigou National Park

on Sunday, 16 May 2010

Today I was visiting the park. I was up early and arrived at the park at about 7:30am, in hindsight I shouldn’t have gone so early. The park entrance fee is quite high, normally 210Y and then 90Y for the busses. I managed to get 50Y of using my STA youth card. They really will accept anything as a student discount card out here. Also everything has a discount if you are a student and some cases there pretty decent discounts. I started by getting the bus right up to the top, you couldn’t walk straight down because of damage to the pathways, so had to catch a bus a short way down then walk back down to the centre point. The weather was very overcast and it rained briefly. This side had the most stuff to see, so it was a shame. I then caught the bus up the other side to see long lake and walk a short way down to the five coloured pool. The water here really is as clear and calm as it can get, the reflections were a nightmare to photograph and some places it doesn’t even look like water is there. I caught the bus pack down to the middle as the pathways were again damaged. I didn’t see any other foreign tourists, just Chinese people. From the centre point I walked back down to the main entrance, by this time it had started to clear up a bit and there was blue sky. As I walked down to the entrance the weather got better and better until it was really nice. I got a  lot of photos at Rhinoceros lake, and then I had, had a enough of walking, so just caught the bus between sites down to the bottom. I returned to the hotel and booked a bus ticket to Guangyuan and just chilled out. The bus leaves at 6:30am tomorrow and then I need to try and get a train to either Bijou or Xi’an. If not I will have to stay there for a night.


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