Extra Day In Lhasa

on Saturday, 8 May 2010

Today we had an extra day in Lhasa because our train tickets had not been booked. We got up and said goodbye to everyone else who was leaving this morning and then decided to go visit the square outside the Potala palace to get some more photos.

On the way there I hear the happy birthday tune playing, firstly we think it’s coming from a restaurant or something, but soon realise it is coming from some loud speakers on top of a dustbin lorry notifying people to bring their rubbish out. On the way back we stopped at the market again and bought a few more souvenirs. For lunch we stopped at Dicos, which is the Chinese equivalent of somewhere like KFC. We then went to the post office because Tom wanted to post his stuff back, but turned out he had to go to the main post office back near the Potala palace. While Tom goes back I go and pick up my laptop which happily has been repaired and I have lost nothing of it. The rest of the day we spend on the internet and I manage to download some stuff to watch on the 43 hour train journey we start tomorrow. I also manage to find a way of getting round Chinas firewall, so can now access the blog and facebook. I leave my laptop in the internet room over night to try and download as much as possible.


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