The Biggest Buddha In The World

on Thursday, 13 May 2010

Today we had a trip booked to Leshan, where the biggest Buddha in the world is carved into the side of the cliff face. The Buddha is 71m high and construction was started in 713 and took 90 years to finish. The bus trip from Chengdu was just over two hours. Unfortunately I had left my youth card at the hotel so had to pay 90Y, while everyone else got away with just 50Y. We arrived and spent a couple of hours looking round. There was a long staircase going down to the foot of the Buddha. The Buddha was carved in sandstone, so had weathered quite badly, but was still fairly impressive. We finished looking round a little bit earlier and had a something to eat while we waited for the rest of the group to get back. We then had the two hour bus journey back, and on the way came across three accidents. The Chinese really do drive as bad as the Nepali’s or Indians. We then popped out so Tom could buy a camera and then chilled in the hostel, with a few beers and had a really nice bacon cheeseburger. Tomorrow Tom leaves for Jiuzaigou and I have one more day in Chengdu before leaving the next day.


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