The Start Of the Hardest 2 Weeks Of My Life

on Thursday, 15 April 2010

Our bus was picking us up at 6am and apparently no tourist buses go to the town where the trek starts, therefore we had to get another public bus, where they cram you all in, two to a seat. The journey was supposed to be about 6-7 hours and we were on the bus with our guide. To begin with there was not many people on, so instead of sitting in our cramped seats we moved to the back of the bus to get a bit more room. Inevitably they end up cramming about 7 people on the back seat, designed for 5. A local Nepalese teacher trys practicing English with me and wants me to teach him teh correct grammar, but doesn't understand why I can't find a way of explaining anything to him. We arrive in Besisahar, at a time I can't remember, all I know is the journey is quite a bit longer than we had expected, but I suppose we should have expected that. We only have a short trek to Bhulbhule is only to take 2-3 hours. We arrive in Bhulbhule and are absolutely shattered, my shoulders are aching, I have a big blister already, Tom's trainers are falling apart and I think we are both almost at the point of giving up already. We watch a film at the teahouse and have some food before having to retire at 7pm. We have a 6-7 hour trek tomorrow going up and down, so our guide can catch up with his friend who is a day ahead of us. We go to sleep thinking we have no chance. Shortly after I get too sleep, I am awoken by Tom jumping up in bed shouting and flailing his arms and I think somebody is in the room. It turns out he was just being attacked by a moth though!


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