Penultimate Days Rafting

on Monday, 12 April 2010

Today was our last full day rafting and again, the rapids were going to be very small and there would be lots of flat water, so I took my other camera out on the raft for some photos. As we had gone down the river the villages had got bigger and bigger and this stretch was by far the busiest. As we went down the river the shore on both sides of the river was lined with hundreds of kids shouting Namaste and bye and lots of them trying to swim out and climb into the raft. The raft was actually almost impossible to climb into unless you new the technique for doing it, so most cases they would just hang onto the side shouting Namaste constantly and if not on the raft just in the water waving and shouting, so much so that they would be sinking because they were constantly trying to wave and would end up bobbing up and down in between shouting and waving. Some of us have a go being in charge of guiding the raft and I end up jumping into a local canoe that pulls up beside the raft. The thing is ridiculous unstable and they start rowing away from the boat, so I have to end up jumping out and swimming back to the raft.

After setting up camp we play some cards and although we thought there was some sort of party planned, it didn't materialise and it turned out we didn't have enough rum between us for them to be willing to make a punch.


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