Nepal Round Up

on Friday, 30 April 2010

So we have now finished our month in Nepal, and a month really was not enough time!Compared to India it was completely different, India was more of a cultural experience, whereas Nepal was more about the adventure activities. The rafting we did was the best thing so far and was absolutely brilliant. It comes highly recommended as does our guide Arroon and the company Equator Expeditions (Next to Kathmandu Guesthouse). Our visit to Chitwan was brilliant and much better than we had hoped and although we were regretting the trek on day one, that was a huge challenge and great fun at the same time. As always these things are made so much better by the people you do them with and we had great company on both trips. Nepal was not only more fun, but it was much cleaner, the people more friendly and generally much easier to do things. We had a lot less hassle and we didn’t get ripped off nearly as much. India was great in its own way, but after a country like that you just need a rest from the stresses and hassle. My only regret was again, like India we were rushed, there is so much more I would have wanted to do in Nepal and this is one place I will definitely return to in the future. I think it is somewhere that needs visiting fairly soon though. Our rafting guide said in the not too distant future the river we rafted on will be no more and the trekking will get even more ruined by roads and tourism. On our list of to do things already are rafting on Sun Kosi river in October and to climb Island Peak.

Highlight – Rafting the Karnali river and trekking the Annapurna circuit.

Lowlight – Finding my laptop broken after 24 hours on a bus

Comment of Nepal – Tom again – After spotting some bags of water hanging from the ceiling in a tea house on the Annapurna trek. I ask what they are for, and Tom’s suggestion is “There probably for holding the roof down”. (They were really there for warding of the flies.)

Funniest Moments :

  • Jonathon getting back to Kathmandu after us when flying.
  • All Tom’s clothing bought in Kathmandu falling apart after day one.
  • Our guides coming back totally off their faces on apple brandy and trying to deny drinking.


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