Muktinath To Marpha

on Saturday, 24 April 2010

We had a long walk today so had to be up early. The usual stop was Jomsom, where a lot of people fly out from, but we only stopped for lunch. In Jomsom we walked past the Nepalese mountain warfare camp, which must have had about a hundred miles of razor wire round it. In Jomsom there is a checkpoint and as we had left our passports in Kathmandu to get our China visas, but they wanted the details of our visa. As we were going to have to overstay a couple of days I had to lie about the dates of our visa.  Trying to be smart, we all try and cross what looks like a dry river bed, unfortunately half way across what had looked like a small stream is actually now a twenty foot wide river and we have to admit the guides who have walked the long way round are right and have to walk back and scale a cliff while they look on laughing. We get to Marpha, which is apparently famous for it’s apple brandy. We arrive at the town and the sign says “welcome to the delightful apple capital”. We have a look round the shop and I buy a few souvenirs including a baby yak tail, unfortunately when we get back to the hotel and see the guide he tells me it is fake and is not actually a tail but just some fur wrapped round to look like a tail. Surprisingly the guides are laying off the apple brandy tonight, or perhaps not surprisingly after the state they got themselves in the night before.


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