Manang To Thorung Phedi

on Thursday, 22 April 2010

Today we are climbing almost 1000m more and although the plan was to only do half the distance today we are trying to get a day ahead so we can do the full route and not have to get a jeep for the last part. we have to walk through a small stretch which has been marked as a landslide area and our guides say we must keep an eye on the rocks. Half way through though I am so knackered that even if the rocks started falling i don't think I could have run anywhere. We finally arrive and the sign tells you the symptoms of altitude sickness and I meet about 7 of the criteria. We also notice it says for every 1000m of altitude climbed you should have a rest day. But tomorrow morning we are more than 1000m again which doesn't seem good. Up at this altitude it's sarted to get fairly cold and it's the first time we need to use our jackets and hat and gloves. With all Tom's stuff on he looks a spitting image of Crazy eyes in Mr Deeds. Julie is feeling a bit ill and we are unsure whether she will do the pass the next morning or not.


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