The Hardest Day Of My Life

on Friday, 16 April 2010

Today we were expecting it too be hard, after the first day which we had thought was uphill, but apparently wasn't and the fact we were walking twice as far as yesterday. About 15km from Bhulbhule to Chamje. It was better to start walking in the morning, so we were up at 6:30am for breakfast and leaving at 7:15am. It started off not too bad, but a short way in it started going steeply uphill and the paths were not as I had expected, but where very uneven and not as well trodden as I had thought. I had also noticed there was hardly any other walkers and we were overtaking quite a lot of people. He was desperate to catch up with his mate. We had to climb along way up and at the top we just collapsed absolutely exhausted, knowing that we were barely half way. By this time Tom's sole was almost falling of and our guide managed to buy some superglue to stick it back on later. I am glad to say the Bear Grylls were holding up nicely, cheers Jezza. We bought some drinks which was the first time we noticed the hike in prices. a bottle of Fanta was 100R and the water 50R. We had heard that was got up to several 100R furthur in though. We then walked all the way back down again, which was demoralising as it felt like we had achieved nothing, at this poin t our guide asked if we wanted lunch, but as it was only 11am we thought we would wait the two hours it would take to get to the next town. Then we started the worst part probably of the whole trek, a steep road, where in places we took shortcuts, which was more like rock climbing than trekking. We soon realised that we should have eaten when our guide suggested and the fact that we had, had breakfast early and were burning a lot of calories, was making it even harder. I began to feel faint and just couldn't see anyway of carrying on. I don't know how, but we managed the last part and arrived at the town for lunch. A mars bar now cost almost £1 and the water was now 80R. For some reason I decided it would be good to just have some Tomato Soup, which although was nice, I think my body needed a little bit more, but funnily the walking reduces your appetite. We both decided we will have to have lunch early, but now we have another hours walk to our hotel. We finally arrive at about 3pm and collapse in our room. By this point Tom's trousers are now coming apart as well and clearly it is not a good idea to buy anything in Kathmandu. We soon realise another mistake, we have been sweating so much our clothes are absolutely drenched and stupidly we have only brought one change of clothes, so we have to walk down stairs in our thermal trousers looking like a complete pair of idiots. We sit down and play some cards with a Canadian girl also sitting in the restaurant called Julie, who turns out to be with our guides friend, he has been so desperate to catch up with. We relax for the rest of the afternoon playing cards, our guide teaches us a Nepalese game which we will play constantly every night after trekking. We again go to bed early as we have a similar length day tomorrow, but slightly less up and down.


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