First Day In Chitwan National Park

on Saturday, 3 April 2010

Amazingly Chitwan actually has some internet cafes, so I can get a couple more days done before we are off rafting.

We had to leave Kathmandu early at 6am to catch our bus to Chitwan Park, about five to six hours away by bus. Luckily the bus was a slightly better one than the one we had come to Kathmandu on and we had a couple of seats each with plenty of legroom, so no need to sit on the roof. We exited Kathmandu the same way we came in, and although we had a little bit of traffic, thankfully it was nothing like when we came in. We did however see quite a bad accident on the way down from the mountain, where the drivers side portion of a trucks cab had been completely wiped out and the driver must have been seriously injured if not killed. They will also still trying to winch up the truck that had fallen down the side of the mountain.

We arrive at the main bus station where everyone was picked up by jeeps to be taken to our hotel, we had assumed someone would be waiting with our name to take us to our hotel. Stupidly we could not remember the name of the hotel and it was not written on any of the documentation we had, all we had was a brochure we had picked up at some point. One of the drivers said that the brochure was his hotel and although I wasn't very confident it was the right hotel, we jumped in anyway. We turn up after a 5 minute rally drive down the dirt tracks and low and behold the hotel we arrive at doesn't look anything like the one we had been shown in the pictures. Even though we knew it was not the right hotel they tried to convince us to stay anyway and only after 15 minutes of asking them to ring the number on our receipt did we manage to get the right hotel to come pick us up.

The hotel was fairly nice and we are first shown to our room and then get some lunch, we have a three course meal of soup, some noodle/vegetables wrapped in lettuce leaves dish and some papaya. For the afternoon we had a visit to the elephant breeding centre and a trip to watch a local dance. First was the animal breeding centre which was basically about 20 elephants chained to some tree trunks. One of the baby elephants was free to roam around by himself and was getting a lot of attention. Being fed two packets of biscuits by one women. I think it was probably getting a bit too much attention or wanted more biscuits, because it lashed out at a man holding a little girl with his trunk hitting him in the side of the head.

We went back to the hotel and had some dinner and decided to put the local dance of to the next day as we were so tired. Unfortunately our room has very intermittent electricity and so far no hot water as there is no mains electricity, only a generator. The fan also did not work most of the night so it was pretty uncomfortably hot during the night.


Unknown said...

Hi Ben,
I have just got round to looking at your website, well the Nepal bit anyway, very impressed. I am soo jealous, wish i was back there. Sounds and looks like you are having a wicked time.
take care

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