Final Day Rafting

on Tuesday, 13 April 2010

We are up early today as this will be the last day rafting and we start the long journey back later today. We only do one hours rafting and finish rafting near the main road. We have to pack everything up and carry it up a steep bank to where the bus is waiting for us. We all help carry pieces up, but a local man carrys up the metal parts of the gear which he is not very willing to accept help with and when coming to a narrow part which is not wide enough just tries to ram it through the concrete walls on each side. raft and amazingly afterwards our packed up raft, which apparently weighs 80kg, but probably more now because it is soaking wet. The guy doesn't look particurlarly strong and must be in his late forties atleast, but manages to carry it up by his head without excepting any help. We later realise why he has carried it up, we are all eating at his local restaurant and surprise, surprise we are back to Dal Bhat. After we have finished eating we jump on the bus and have no idea how long it will take this time, but nobody is looking forward to it. Paul, Anne Sophie and Oskar are only on the bus about an hour and are stopping at a local national park for a few days, so there is a little more space on the bus. Jonathon is also flying back to Kathmandu from a local airport, Nepalgang, which is the smallest , most rundown airport I have ever seen. We are envious of his 55 minute flight, but in the end there are no seats anyway and the flight would have been 140 dollars which was not worth it. On the way back, they stop at a dam so we can seem some crocodiles and we also see some mad fish trying to jump up the damn, but after frantically trying to swim up, slide back down. Apparently a lot of the crocodiles sit at the bottom with the mouths open waiting for the fish to jump straight in. I end up using a drybag and some sleeping mats to make a makeshift bed across two rows of seats and hope to atleast get a few hours sleep.


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