A Day Of Visiting Tour Offices

on Thursday, 1 April 2010

Today we got up late and unfortunately there was no water in our room, so we could not shower. We had a bit of breakfast and  then got started visiting all the tour offices trying to book up some trekking, rafting and our tour into Tibet. We visited about 5 or 6 different offices and got similar but slightly different information from each. They were slightly pushy but nothing like the hassle in India. I also visit a couple of laptop shops and they say that it will take a week to order in the screen because it is very new and they don’t stock it, it is also going to cost about £150 to repair, but at least it can be repaired. Our plan so far is to start our trek of the Annapurna circuit on the 3rd of April till the 18th, climbing to 5500m although we have just found out our insurance only covers us to 3000m, even though we have already been over that height in Kashmir, so we don’t know whether we will chance it or try and extend the insurance. The tour groups want proof of insurance but I am not sure how much detail they will check. After the trekking we have a night chilling in Pokhara, before visiting Chitwan national park for 3 days. We then return to Kathmandu and will hopefully do a 9 day rafting trip, but at the moment they only have dates for the 11th of April which is no good, but we hope they can find 3 more people in the next two and a half weeks to make up the minimum required to do the trip. We want to do the Sun Kosi river which is supposed to be one of the best 10 rafting rivers in the world and is a level 4-5 rapids. That will take us up to the end of the month and then we leave for our Tibet tour on the 1st of May, maybe doing a bungee and canyon swing on the way. We have been told by several people we will have no problems getting into mainland China from Tibet and should be able to get a 25 day visa with a little bribe! We will have to book our first train beforehand though doing the 3500m journey to Cheng Du from Lhasa which is costing $180, which is a bit of a shock after the ridiculously cheap trains in India, but it is a condition of getting the visa. In total everything we want to do is going to come to just over a £1000 which again is totally over our budget, but we don’t want to miss out on anything. After spending the whole day visiting shops we go back to the hotel and have arranged to have a drink with a few Norwegian guys we had met who had not booked a tour and just got a guide in Pokhara. Two of them are too tired so we just go to a local bar with the other and have a couple of cocktails as the beer is ridiculous expensive, but the cocktails are fairly cheap. We get back to the hotel and the door has been locked, fortunately the staff sleep upstairs in reception so we manage to wake them up and are let in.


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