Chill Out In Kathmandu

on Friday, 30 April 2010

Today we planned to chill out in Kathmandu, buy a few souvenirs and catch up on uploading some photos and the blog. We popped out at 5pm to get a few bits and we meet a member of staff from the tour office we booked everything with. “He says we have to go to the office because we have to leave on our Tibet tour a day early, because of the Maoist strike taking place the following day, that we had previously been told would not effect us. We go to the office and are told we have to leave straight away. We are not happy and have to rush back to the hotel to pack everything up and get to the bus. We get to the bus station and there are about fifty people on the bus already and it is just leaving as we arrive. We have to wait for the next bus which fortunately is a smaller, nicer mini bus. We have to wait about 3 hours for everyone else to be rounded up and come to the bus stop before we can finally leave. The protesting is already starting in the streets with hundreds of Nepalese marching in the road. We arrive at our hotel shortly after midnight, although the other bus has arrived considerably earlier and the rest of the group are already fast asleep. The hotel is about a 10 minute walk from the border which we will cross over tomorrow.


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