Chamje To Danaque

on Saturday, 17 April 2010

Again we are up early, for some reason, whether our bodies are getting used to it, or the slightly easier terrain, it is much easier going today. The night before Gopal tried to glue Tom's shoes, it didn't work well and ended up getting a local man to stitch them together for him. Tom also managed to borrow a needle and thread and made a pretty dreadful attempt at sewing up his trousers. We stopped earlier for lunch today and I think that made a big difference to how hard it was on us. We also get a few more rest stops as we our guide is now with his friend and not trying to catch up. Julies guide is also working as her porter and although he is carrying quite a large rucksack with his own rucksack inside, it isn't much heavier than ours. Although I can imagine it being nice onlyhaving to carry a bottle of water. We get to the hotel and decide we will order a beer. Julie orders a Gorkha, a local beer and me a Carlsberg, but after 5 minutes they turn up with two Tuborgs! We order some Fried potatos with cheese which are basically potato wedges and the portions are absolutely huge. I also order some chocolate pudding, but for some reason they decide to serve it before my potatos, I say I don't want it first and end up having it cold afterwards. We only have 5 hours tomorrow, but the first 3 are apparently uphill!


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