Chame To Lower Pisang

on Monday, 19 April 2010

We start a bit later today as we feel there is not much advantage to starting so early and by now it is much easier going and we are actually enjoying it and managing to take in the scenery, instead of marching head down with sweat pouring of us, just trying to get to our hotel as quick as possible. We have a short day and arrive in Pisang at 12:30pm. We find another pool hall, but it is very full with locals and we can't get a game and have to sneak past a bull guarding the door. We end up returning to the hotel and play more of the Nepali card game, but have noticed that our guides, particurlarly Julies, likes to cheat a lot and it is almost part of the game to try and cheat. Somehow they always seem to win. Today we have seen a lot of people taking part in some sort of race along the route and tonight a huge group has decided to stay at our hotel.


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