Back To Kathmandu

on Thursday, 29 April 2010

Today we have quite a  long bus trip back to Kathmandu and actually arrive at 3:30pm. The bus drops us in an area we are not familiar with, and although I know Thamel is not far away, we end up sharing a cab with a couple of other guys. Low and behold it is a 2 minute walk round the corner, although the cab driver takes the scenic route. We return our down jackets and my trousers. We then decide to have an Ayurvedic massage as we are aching pretty bad. We end up paying about £10 for an hour, full body massage. I have to lye facing Tom’s legs with a dreadful view. The masseuse starts on our legs and this is the first massage we have had and it was also the most pain I have ever had. Walking round the Annapurna circuit was a walk in the park compared to this. The pressure they were applying seemed like they were actually trying to break our legs and it was some of the worst pain I have ever felt. I am not ashamed to say we both were screaming like little girls, which for some strange reason wouldn’t make them stop. I have started to think maybe Ayurvedic massage is some sort of torture massage. They would basically press there whole weight on you, punch you, pop you toes and fingers out of their joints and even press so hard on the back of your neck, I couldn’t breath. The most ridiculous thing was that they would ask if it was too hard, but whatever you said they would do it harder. The most painful parts, you would desperately try not to scream or they would just go harder. Eventually it was over and if I am honest, I probably felt worse than when I went in. We went for a pizza, which was a local stone baked pizza place which was lovely. I had planned to catch up on the blog but was so tired we just crashed out and went to bed quite early.


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