Another Day Visiting Tour Offices

on Friday, 2 April 2010

We get up and are pretty sure we are going to book the activities we had already settled on. We decide to visit a few more places beforehand just to make sure we have the best deal. We are told by a couple of people that it is not the best time for Sun Kosi and that we would be better off booking a 10 day rafting trip to Karnali, an 18 hour bus journey away. We think we have met the bloke from the main rafting company which most other people book through, and he also says that Karnali would be the more adventurous one at this time of year. So we settle on Karnali even though we are not too keen on the long bus journey and it is slightly more expensive than Sun Kosi, being $430 for 10 days as opposed to $330 for 8 days. We go back and forth between a couple of places trying to get them to undercut each other, but we don’t have much luck and the price does not move much. So we settle with one company that seems to know what he is doing and also has the best overall price.

Our itinerary now involves us leaving Kathmandu tomorrow morning early at about 6am and going to Chitwan national park, we will leave the park on the 5th and make the 18 our journey to Karnali straight from the park. We actually spend about 7 or 8 days rafting with the other two being travel days there and back. We return to Kathmandu on the 14th and then start our Annapurna trek on the 15th, for 15 days returning on the 29th. We then have a day in Kathmandu and leave on the 1st of April on our tour of Tibet. So we will be pretty much on the go constantly with only a couple of days of and quite a lot of travel in between.

We have to pay fifty percent of the cost upfront and then the rest once we return from the rafting and we leave our passports so he can organise our visa for Tibet. It is a relief to have finally booked it all up and now we can just enjoy it without endless tour office visits. Unfortunately I have left it too late to have my laptop fixed and will have to wait till we return from the rafting to order the screen and then pick it up just before we leave Nepal. Therefore there won’t be any updates for about four weeks.


Anonymous said...

Have a fantastic time. Will look forward to your update in a month. Take lots of pics!!!


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