Scuba Fiasco

on Saturday, 6 March 2010

So our plan to go in and barter the tour company down on the price with our new found haggling skills didn’t go off to a flyer. We hadn’t heard anything when it came to 3:30pm so went back to see what was going on. When we arrive there is a problem and he can’t offer us the open water course for some reason. We take the opportunity to use their wifi again and manage to find the address of the barracuda diving and thanks to the ipod and google maps which are becoming a lifeline we know where to go. I can’t believe these tiny tracks are on google maps and even hotels are shown. We show the cab driver the map and he takes us to the general area and then manage to track down which hotel the offices are located in thanks to a nice bloke in one of the posh hotels. We get to the barracuda office just before it closes and ask about the open water course, they do it here, which is a relief. We go in for the kill with our haggling skills and are shot down in flames, he just point blank says there are no discounts. We take his card and leave hoping he will chase us down and let us have it a bit cheaper. Alas he doesn’t and we check out the prices for the hotel, 4000R bed and breakfast or 8000R all inclusive. We go back to the beach and mull it over, unsure whether to get qualified here or wait until we get to Thailand. In the end we decide to get it done here so we are ready to just dive as we please later on. We give the bloke a ring and arrange to start the next day at 10am, we have 2 days of theory and pool training and then 2, 2 dive, days and a test at the end. We also arrange to hire a moped the next day to get around and try to barter down the hostel a bit more as we are staying for 4 days now, the length of the course, before we head of to Mumbai.  We get up early to get some money out and get to the scuba centre. Our efforts to get the room down ended up with us only getting 50R off per night, and I turn him down in the hope he will give in. We also cancel the bike as we hope to get a hostel nearer the scuba centre. We get to the scuba place and we have to watch 3 DVDs and answer some tests. We take a break for lunch and we have to return at 2pm to do the pool section. We have all our bags with us so go on the hunt for a cheap hostel we have been told of for 350R(£5) for both of us. Unfortunately it is fully booked, we check out some other rooms but find that they are no where near as nice as our first room, a lot further from the beach and no cheaper. I have to concede that Tom was right and we should have stayed where we we’re.  I have just eaten a Goan prawn curry, can you believe it and Tom has Enchiladas in a Mexican restaurant we find with free wifi. I could not get the money out for the diving this morning so ring the bank on Skype, we can’t make calls on our mobiles for some reason, but the bank says there is no problem. Hopefully it was just a problem with the machine. We plan to return to the scuba centre with our bags and go back to the beach to find another room or stay where we were originally. We now have 3 days of scuba so will let you know how we get on.


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