Our Tour Of Udaipur

on Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Our second day in Udaipur we have booked a tour through the hostel we are staying at. We are up quite early as we are being collected by our tuk tuk driver at 10am. We have a bit of breakfast and go down to meet him. Our first stop is the train station, so we can book our ticket for Jaipur leaving tomorrow evening. Trying to book a train ticket every other time has been a nightmare, with us having to fill out a form which is far from simple. This time though the guy at the window is much more helpful and is able to show us what to fill in, along with the fact that it is much quieter and you can actually get to the front of the queue without endless Indians just barging in front of you. There are several other foreigner booking tickets to Jaipur in order to get to Amritsar, another possible destination on the list. The next stop is the lake hotels, one of which is the kings summer palace and one which was in the film Octopussy.

Apparently the rates for a room at these island hotels is about $5000 a night. The next stop was the City Palace, the entrance fee was 50R each and there was also a 200R camera fee, which I chose not to pay, as it seemed a bit steep. In hindsight I should have paid and we should have also got a guide. The palace is absolutely massive with loads of tunnels linking the oddest of rooms. There was some very impressive mirrored rooms, ceiling and floors as well and a lot of photo opportunities inside. Outside I could take some photos but they don’t show any of the inside.

The next stop was the statue of Maharana Pratap Smarak on his horse and also the hall of heroes museum.

Afterwards we visited a textiles warehouse where they showed us how to do block printing and we could have had a suit tailor made for £75-£150 in pretty much any style or fabric we wanted.

I think we will wait till Vietnam though for the suits. Then there was the Princes Garden, the outside was quite nice, but the fountain inside looked like none of the 10R everyone was paying to get in had been used to look after it.

The final place was the Bhartiya Lok Kala Museum, which had a huge collection of folk art, including masks and puppets and also included a puppet show.

All the places had small entrance fee costs and some also had camera charges, only about 5-10R each though. We then stopped off for some lunch and we got Usman our tuk tuk to drop us at a local Indian restaurant, where we had a tray of assorted food and breads for only 45R each, and they just kept bringing more and more.

That was the tour over, but our tuk tuk driver managed to convince us to go visit his shop, which we did and after Tom had bought himself a leather journal, which was bartered down from 450R to 360R(£5) we returned to the hotel. We had put some laundry in to be washed and thankfully that was back, because our towels had started to smell rather nasty! We had some food at the hotel, which to be fair, although the hostel is great, the food isn’t that good. We also find a leaflet in the hotel stating that a double economy room is only 39R(55p), Diamond deluxe room is 89R(£1.20) and a dorm 18R(25p), we are starting to think maybe we haven’t got such a great deal. How on earth a place can charge only 25p a night I don’t know. Tomorrow we plan on just chilling out and relaxing all day after quite an expensive day today, so we will get a well deserved lye in.


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