Open Water Dives Part 2

on Wednesday, 10 March 2010

So we had finished our first 2 dives and the visibility was pretty horrendous. We were up again at 7am to get the bus to the boat and then the 45 minute boat ride to the island. We had a couple of other people on the boat today, somebody just going out for a pleasure dive, and a Belgium guy doing his advanced open water. We got to the wreck and the sea was fairly rough, so we couldn’t dive here again, so went round to the other side of the island. Our first dive was by the jetty and we had to practice using a compass to navigate on the surface and clear our masks again, followed by a swim around. Today the visibility was even worse than yesterday and you could literally only see a foot in front of your face. I got separated in he first dive and had to surface, to regroup with Tom and Geoff. When we had finished the dive in which we barely saw anything, we got back on the boat for a bit of food, the Belgium guy was already onboard and had apparently given up straight away after panicking in the low visibility. They decided to try a different location for the second dive, so we went over to a small rocky section, where we had to do our navigation underwater and a mask remove and replace. When doing my giant stride entry I ended up slipping and falling into the engine, resulting in a nice bruise on my wrist, and with the poor visibility ended up with quite a few nice scratches. It wasn’t much fun, but we got everything done that we needed to, to be qualified, we just had the exam back at the hotel to do. The test was 50 questions and we needed 75% to pass. We both passed easily and are now fully qualified open water PADI divers! We return back to the beach and decide we need to book our train tickets to Mumbai. Unfortunately all the train tickets are now sold out and we will have to get another bus. The AC bus is 700R and the non AC is 500R. We end up booking the non AC on my suggestion, so god knows what it will be like but it’s £3 each saved. We will have to see whether it is the right decision. In the evening we go out for a few beers with Geoff to celebrate passing our course, after leaving Geoff we go down to the beach for some foosball, pool and some more drinks. We decide we might stay a bit longer and intend to try and cancel our bus ticket the next day and move it to Monday instead. We try to check out the club near the beach but there is an 800R(£12) entry fee, so we give it a miss. So tomorrow we will either be leaving for Mumbai or staying another 4 nights in Goa.


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