Mumbai Here We Come

on Thursday, 11 March 2010

We are up fairly early to find out whether we can change our bus ticket to Mumbai, to the coming Monday. We try the travel agents and are told it is too late and you need to give 24 hours. We could lose the 500R and stay or just go, we end up deciding we can’t stay and need to make a move, mainly due to finding ourselves in a slightly weird position with somebody we have met, otherwise I think we would have stayed a few more days. While down on the beach we meet a guy called Adam who has just recently arrived in India by himself and is here for 3 months, and a few girls who are also in India for 3 months on a gap year but seem more like they just want an extended holiday in Goa, racking up a huge bar bill. It’s a shame we only meet a couple of hours before we leave, but that’s just something you have to get used to. Albert has sorted a cab to take us to Mapoosa, to catch our bus at 7:30pm, so we say our goodbyes and go on our way. We reach the bus station a bit early and have a look round the local market to bide the time, we get caught by a couple of women, who give us the usual chat and then take us to their shops, this time it’s more sari’s and some spices, do they ever give up. The bus is a non-ac sleeper and we have been told they are dreadful. The bus arrives a little late and we get on. It isn’t too bad, very similar to the AC bus, apart from when it gets moving, the suspension , if there is any, must be made of jelly. You literally fly completely out of the bed when going over the massive, numerous, speed bumps and hit the bunk above. Otherwise it was fine, until the morning when I awake with about 5 fresh mosquito bites. The amount I am getting bitten, these malaria pills better be good. The bus isn’t full like the AC one we got, so we try and have two beds, but end up being told to get back in one. Eventually, at about 1am I get a decent few hours sleep.


Anonymous said...

What weird position did you get on with someone? Hope you're having a great time, sounds like you are! Loving reading the blog! Congrats on getting your diving thingy. Love Harriet xxx

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