Our Last Day In India

on Tuesday, 30 March 2010

We wake up at 8am, as Seb and Rob are leaving for Mumbai, so say our goodbyes. Today we had nothing planned until the afternoon, when we had to get the bus to the India/Nepal border. We lazed around all day, sitting in the hotel rooftop restaurant and just played a bit of poker with a few other people. It’s just not fun without money though! I take a few photos of the Ganges from the rooftop. We left the hotel at about 4pm, intending to catch the 7 o'clock bus, we thought the bus station was about an hour rickshaw ride away. We jump in to the most beaten up rickshaw you have seen, with parts falling off all over it and we have the worst rickshaw driver so far, he is absolutely mental, weaving in and out of people and even driving down the wrong side of the road. It only takes about 20 minutes, probably because of his ridiculous driving, but luckily there is a bus about to leave so we jump on that left at 5:00am. This is the worst bus ride so far by far, as it is on a public bus and the roads are absolutely dreadful! For 10 hours we don’t sleep at all and although the bus is pretty empty, so we can lye down, it is so bumpy that every 5 minutes you would literally jump two foot of your seat and crash back down on the lightly padded seats. We were going to be battered and bruised by the time we arrive at the border.


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