Lazy Day In Udaipur

on Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Today we didn’t really do anything, just chilled out at the hotel, caught up with some photos, almost all are up now. Just watched some TV and caught up on the latest episode of 24 after spending the whole day downloading it, it’s getting good. his is the first day since we got here that we really haven’t done anything and it was a well needed rest. On the other hand it’s going so quickly we don’t really want to waste a day. We decided to go and find a restaurant to eat at tonight because the hotel food is pretty dreadful. We walk a little way up the road and it doesn’t look like we are going to find one. We ask a Tuk Tuk driver and he says there is one about 1km away, he initially wants 40R to take us, but we barter him down to 20R. We jump in and about 100m down the road we stop, bargain! This is a really nice restaurant and is much better than anywhere we have eaten before, waiters are smartly dressed in waistcoats and we think it is going to be astronomically expensive, it ends up being not much different than most other meals we have had. We have our sleeper train to Jaipur at 10:20pm tonight. So that is the end of our time in Udaipur.


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