From White Chicken To Red Lobster

on Monday, 8 March 2010

Today we decided to have a relaxing day as we had a break in our scuba course. We got up at about midday and went straight down on the beach. It was much hotter today than before, over 30 degrees. P20 doesn’t seem to work that well as we have both been burnt to a crisp. We thought we would go on a budget day as we have realised eating in a restaurant for two meals a day, although fairly cheap is working out more expensive than we had planned. I ended up having a Pineapple for 30R(45p) and a bag of flavourless crisps 10R(15p) off the beach sellers which we are getting pretty good at haggling with now. Tom had a club sandwich at the beach bar for 80R and we just shared a bottle of water. We had a bit of a dip in the sea, which is very rough with some pretty large waves, although for some reason they don’t seem to surf here. We read our PADI manuals and answered the quiz’s inside, ready for our test on Wednesday. So a pretty boring day today, the sellers seem to have given up on us now and just go away when we say “no thanks”. We are still getting constant hassle from a guy trying to sell us henna tattoos and someone selling massages though. They just don’t seem to get it, whichever way you explain. We have eaten down at the beach restaurant which is becoming a bit of a habit, but it is very cheap. Our currys cost 120R(£1.75) each and the staff are friendly. I have kingfish Goan curry and Tom has chicken Goan curry, we share a couple of bottles of water. I also have a pineapple lassi, which is a fruity sort of milkshake, because the curry is so hot. I wouldn’t say it was as hot as the sun, but it was close. We play a bit of foosball with a couple of the barmen, which we win when playing 2v1 but lose 2v2 even though they had to score 6 goals in a row at the end to beat us.  We are up early tomorrow for our first open water dives so we get an early night. I have managed to finish the day spending only 470R(£6.80) for everything including the room.


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