The Delhi Belly Strikes

on Sunday, 21 March 2010

Last night the stomach problems, which we have so far avoided so well, struck. I was up all night with vomiting and Diarrhoea every hour or so, and barely slept. We were being picked up from the room at 9am and I didn’t know whether I could hack the flight to Srinagar. I am guessing it was the chicken I had eaten the night before, which we were overcharged for. Then the guy tried to short change Tom in the morning twice, so steer clear of S.P.G in New Delhi. We were collected promptly at 9am and taken to Delhi airport, I felt like I was constantly about to be sick and was aching all over and totally knackered after not much sleep. We arrived at check in and went through security, just as our plane is called I realise I have left my fleece back at check in. I go back and have a look, but it is long gone, so we are late for the plane and I have lost my fleece, just as I will actually need it in the Himalayas. We are some of the last people on the plane and when we get to our seats which have been taken by other people, we question what is going on and they tell us to sit in other seats, not where we were supposed to sit and not together. The flight is only one hour, but I have a man with a baby on his lap screaming and kicking me non stop, not too mention we will miss flying past K2 because we are now on the other side of the plane. The family are downright rude to be honest and we have realised although most are friendly a lot just don’t have any manners. So I have to put up with this baby screaming and them both whacking me in the arm every 5 minutes, while I feel absolutely dreadful. We arrive at Srinagar airport and are met by one of the guys we met in the tour office, so everything looks legit, which is a relief. The security around the airport looks pretty high, with soldiers and checkpoints everywhere, we have to fill in some forms and are then driven to our house boat on the lake.

It looks very chilled out and it seems like a totally different country to the rest of India, the view from our bedroom window is pretty impressive, and the whole town is surrounded by mountain ranges.

We are met by Hasan, who is going to look after us for the 3 nights we are on the boat. He brings us biscuits and green tea and starts chatting to us about Kashmir. He gives us suggestions on where to go, unfortunately the highest golf course in the world is under snow, so we won’t be having a round there and also the area with the highest gondola in the world is covered in snow, although you can ski there, which seems ridiculous considering yesterday it was 40 degrees. We have not decided what we will do while here yet, but as I still feel pretty tired and ill, we chill out for the afternoon and wait for our tour operator to come explain in a bit more detail what we can do. We end up getting a phone call saying we should go to his office to discuss our trips while in Srinagar. We are offered quite a few options varying from £76 to £229, the trips we can do are visit a ski resort, do some trekking to the golden temple, could be done over several days and a river boat cruise viewing the local sights. We end up settling on the river boat cruise tomorrow as I am still feeling a bit dodgy and a day trek to the golden mountain the following day, without staying a night on the mountain, we felt we would have plenty of time for longer term trekking in Nepal. We also give the skiing a miss because we just don’t have the time left, we are already going to go over the time we had planned.


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Ohh sorry to hear you were ill! Hope your feeling better now! Your card arrived today thanks!! I'll send a few photos of Faith tomorrow. I don't think she has changed too much looks wise but she is way more cheeky and doesn't do anything I tell her! Speak to you soon xxx

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