A Day Of Travel

on Friday, 26 March 2010

Today we had a day of train journeys ahead of us, going from Amritsar to New Delhi and then changing and continuing to Agra. Instead of paying the 40R to get a rickshaw to the station, we thought we would be smart and walk it. After attempting to take a short cut through the maze of winding alleys and getting completely lost in the darkness. Our train was at 6:30am, after about 30 minutes of walking around, we give up and decide to get a cycle rickshaw, we negotiate it for 30R(45p) for the journey. We jump on with our rucksacks and the bloke starts pedalling and quickly gets up some decent speed, it takes 15 minutes to get to the station and the poor bloke is absolutely shattered. The bikes are old things with no gears, it must be one of the hardest jobs there is, I feel a bit bad that we battered the price down and so give him 40R. We get in the station and our train to New Delhi is due at 6:30am, but we quickly find out it is delayed. After about an hour and a half of waiting Tom goes to check what is going on and is told the train is waiting on platform 4 and not 5 where we had expected it, he rushes back to where I am waiting on the platform just as the train is pulling away and says the train is leaving. We grab our bags and run down the platform after the train, but are told by the guard not to jump on. We stand on the platform and think we have missed our train, as we are standing there a guard comes over and checks our reservation and luckily it was not our train and ours is actually the next one coming in. We have an AC chair car and end up watching 3 films for the first journey to Delhi, thanks to the carriage having power points. We arrive at New Delhi station, which is huge, with 16 platforms, at about 5 o'clock, with our connecting train leaving at 5:30pm. We get on the next train expecting a 3 hour journey to Agra, we have the same AC chair carriage, but an added extra on this carriage is that it is full of cockroaches, climbing all over us. After 5 hours on this train we finally arrive in Agra and get a rickshaw to a hotel near the Taj Mahal. We finally arrive and get checked in to a hostel 500m from the Taj Mahal at 11pm. So we have been on the road for about 18 hours and are absolutely shattered. We have 2 days in Agra before leaving for Varanasi on the evening of the 28th.


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