Anjuna Beach to Baga Beach

on Friday, 5 March 2010

As you probably guessed we find a place to use the internet. The connection seems to be fairly good and we are able to upload the photos taken so far. Only a few I am afraid, we need to be a bit more proactive in taking photos. We decide to chill out for the rest of the day and go down onto Anjuna beach and have some food and a couple of beers. This really is hippy central and we are offered every drug under the sun on the walk onto the beach, a girl is sitting on a sun lounger in a yoga position meditating and is clearly of her face on something.  We throw the budget out of the window and again order too much.

They have a texas hold’em poker tournament that night but we decide not too bother and head back to the hostel. The next morning we have decided to go to Baga beach  which is about 15km away and try and find a scuba diving company we found on the internet called Barracuda diving. We leave the room and say goodbye to our Ukrainian friend. We ask a few taxis the price and most seem to be 200R (£3), a tuk tuk is 150R (£2), but we have all our bags and take a taxi.

We arrive at baga beach and go and try an find the dive centre with all our stuff, we walk down the beach and realise the beach is absolutely massive and lined by restaurants and hostels the whole length. We ask about scuba diving, but everyone seems to say you can’t do scuba diving in Baga, so we continue up the beach until we are stopped by another tout and we decide that even if there is no scuba we will stay here a night anyway.We are shown just off the beach and firstly to an air conditioned room, which they want 1000R (£14). We say this is way too much so he takes us to the fan room which he wants 600R for, we say we will only pay 500R and that we can get one closer to the beach for 600R. He says 550R and I just walk off,shortly after he agrees with Tom we can have it for 500R.This seems to be the sort of price we should be aiming to pay, about 200R(£3) –250R(£3.50) each. On the way to the hostel we had spotted a place called Goa aquatics that was advertising for scuba diving so we dump our stuff and go and have a look. The person inside gives us a leaflet and the 4 day open water course is priced at 18000R(£250), the diving is in Goraput 2km furthur up the road where we had to go to withdraw cash earlier, we would either have to hire a taxi or motorbike to get there and back or move hostels the next day. We tell him we are paying 500R and ask whether we should get a hostel in Goraput, he says we have a very good price and should stay. The tour office also has unsecure wifi, so we check emails and do a few other bits. The actual person we need to talk to about the scuba isn’t actually there so we need to return later on. We return to the beach, have some food, Calamari and a kingfisher, and start work on the tans, it doesn’t seem like we’re doing very well when a girl selling jewellery says Tom looks like a chicken. We have to wait for a call from the tour shop when the man we need to speak to returns and then need to go and try and get the scuba as cheap as possible, we are aiming for under 30000R for the two of us. We will let you know how we get on.

One for the ladies.


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Nice 4 pack Tom keep at it! Jo & Sue
PS guys Sue says she will come and be your toilet cleaner!

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